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A Kilometer equals one thousand meters, 0.6214 miles, or 3280.8 feet. Well, if we go to the Cosmology field.. It is to be said that an Object which just hit the jupiter, if it was suppose to hit the Earth.. The length of that object would be a Kilometer Long, length of a measuring tape used by civil engineers could be 1 kilometer long.

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Q: What is an object that is one kilometer long?
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What is an object that is as long as a kilometer?

Half of two kilometers

What is an item that is a kilometer long?

A bridge might be one kilometer long.

What household object is a kilometer long?

..... If you have a household runway maybe

What object is approximately a kilometer long?

well to be exact i rlly don't know i am trying to figure out what in normal hose hold object is a kilometer long and it is due for homework i don't need to know about Jupiter!

How long is a kilometer in meters?

1,000 meters is equal to 1 kilometerKilo means thousand. One thousand meters in one kilometer.

How long is a kilometer in inches or feet?

One kilometer is 39,370 inches or 3,280.8 feet.

How many kilometer hours are in one hour?

It would depend on the velocity of the object you are measuring.

How long does it take to walk one kilometer at 4 kilometer per hour?

1/4 of a hour

Which one is larger one mile or one kilometer?

Actually, a mile is usually not considered large. It's long. So, a mile is LONGER than a kilometer. ============ A mile is much larger than a kilometer.

How long is a one k race?

1 kilometer..?

How long is one kilometer into meters?

0.001 kilometres

How long is one km?

One km (kilometer) equates to about 0.62 mile.

How long is a kilomiter?

one kilometer is equal to 1000 metres

How many seconds would it take the object to move to the 200 kilometer mark from it's initial position at 50.3 kilometer?

Depends on the acceleration of the object.

How long does it take for the pacific plate to move one kilometer?

3.4 centimeters per year, so multiply that by one mile or one kilometer (0.6 of a mile)

How long is 1 killometer?

One kilometer is equal to 0.621371 miles. One kilometer is equal to 1000 meters and also equal to 39370.1 inches.

Is one kilometer or one meter larger?

one kilometer.

What is bigger one centimeter or one kilometer?


What is greater one kilometer or one mile?

a kilometer

One yard is one kilometer long how many meters is it?

1 kilometre = 1000 metres.

Which one is bigger metre or kilometer?

One kilometer is 1000 meters, so a kilometer is bigger.

Is a kilometer 100 soccer fields long?

A kilometer is 1,000 meters and they typical soccer field is 100 meters. Therefore, it would take ten soccer fields to be one kilometer, not 100.

How long is a kilometer in a mile?

1 kilometer is 0.62137 miles.

How long is a kilometer in miles?

1 kilometer=0.621371192 miles

What is one kilometer in meters?

One kilometer is 1,000 meters.

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