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Q: What is an object with at least one slanting side and in a sharp edge?
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What kind of simple machine is a sword?

Sword is categorize as wedge. A wedge is an object with at least one slanting side ending in a sharp edge, which cuts material apart.A wedge is a type of inclined plane.

Why is it called sharp?

An object (as a knife for ex.) with a thin edge.

How do you make a sharp object in the wild?

You can make a sharp object in the wild by finding a suitable rock or stone and striking it against another hard surface, like a large rock, to shape it into a sharp edge. You can also use the edge of a shell or a piece of glass to create a cutting tool. Just remember to be cautious and handle sharp objects with care to avoid injury.

When did Operation Sharp Edge happen?

Operation Sharp Edge happened in 1990.

What does a sharp projecting edge of something mean?

"Projecting" in this case means "sticking out." So a sharp projecting edge is a sharp edge that sticks out.

Is an objects function a physical property?

An object's function is not a physical property, it is an abstraction. When we say that something has a particular function we are saying what use we intend to make of that object. It is our thought, it is not an inherent property of the object. Let us say for example that I own a knife. Its function is to chop vegetables, since that is what I do with it. However, another person might say that the function of that knife is to cut the throat of his enemies, because that is what he intends to do with it. Another person might say that its function is to carve wood. Its actual physical properties include a sharp edge. The sharp edge is a property, but the use to which that sharp edge is put depends upon the object's owner.

What is cut edge?

On a blade, the cutting edge is the sharp side.

What is the cutting edge?

On a blade, the cutting edge is the sharp side.

What is a sharp edge projecting edge of somthing?

stupid people do it

What is a Sharp edge formed were two flat or curved surfaces meet to form an angle?

This is a practical definition of a boundary, or of a line, or the corner of a solid object such as a table. -- The top of the table is bounded by the edge. -- at this boundary there is a line. --

What is the name for the edge of a saw?

the sharp is called the teeth and the cutting edge is the blade

Why do tools meant for cutting always have sharp edge?

Tools meant for cutting have sharp edges because a sharp edge requires less force to cut through materials, making the process more efficient. Additionally, a sharp edge creates a cleaner and more precise cut compared to a dull edge. Regular maintenance of the tool's sharpness is important to ensure its effectiveness and safety.