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The Cartesian coordinates.

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Q: What is an ordered pairs that identify points in a coordinate plane?
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Ordered pairs that identify points on a coordinate plane?

Yes, ordered pairs identify points in a coordinate plane. If that doesn't answer your question, please restate it (say it another way).

What is used to locate the coordinate plane?

Ordered pairs are used to locate points on the coordinate plane.

How can you use ordered pairs to locate points in a coordinate plane?

You can locate any point on the coordinate plane by an ordered pair of numbers (x,y), called the coordinates.

What is the answer for a grid that is used for location points on a plane using ordered number pairs?

A coordinate plane

Describe the coordinates of all points in all the quadrants?

The coordinates of all points in the coordinate plane consist of ordered pairs of numbers.

Why does a coordinate plane have to have three or four ordered pairs?

A coordinate plane has infinitely many ordered pairs: each and every point in the plane is represented by an ordered pair. There may be a small number of points that are identified for a specific reason: for example the vertices of a triangle or quadrilateral and so you may have a few ordered pairs that are specifically labelled.

To draw or plot the Points named by certain numbers or ordered pairs on a number line or coordinate plane?

The answer is 'graph'

What is a point in a coordinate plane represented by?

Ordered pairs

What are ordered pairs of numbers graphed on?

A coordinate plain

Is a relation in which two different ordered pairs have the same first coordinate?

The relation between two different ordered pairs which have the same first coordinate is simply that. They have the same first coordinate. If you mark the two points on graph paper, you find that one always lies directly above or below the other. The relationship is that they both belong to the family of points which make up a particular vertical line.

Pairs of numbers used to locate points in a coordinate plane?

an ordered pair like (0,1) is zero over and one up. (It is on the Y axis)

Which of these ordered pairs would be found in quadrant III of the coordinate plane?