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The absolute value of the sine function cannot exceed 1 and so sin(a) = 312 is not possible.

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Q: What is angle a when given sin a 312?
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How to express sin of an angle in terms of the terminal angle?

sin312 the terminal angle of 312 is equal to 48 degrees! That's all i know!

What does sin -1.46 equal?

Assuming the angle is given in radians, it is -0.9939

What does sin stand for on a calulator?

The "sin" button on a calculator gives the sine trigonometric ratio of the given angle.

What is the sin of angle A 5 13 12?

The dimensions given fits that of a right angle triangle and sin^-1(12/13) = 67.38 degrees

The refractive index of water is 1.33 a ray is incident from water on air at an angle of incidence equal to 30 degree what is the angle of refraction in air?

nwater * sin 30=nair *sin(angle of refraction) 1.33*0.5=1*sin(angle of refraction) sin(angle of refractiob)=0.665 angle of refraction inair=41.6 degrees nwater * sin 30=nair *sin(angle of refraction) 1.33*0.5=1*sin(angle of refraction) sin(angle of refractiob)=0.665 angle of refraction inair=41.6 degrees

In triangle abc given that angle a equals 57 angle b equals 73 and ab equals 24cm find the length of ac?

The sum of the angles inside a triangle is equal to 180°. We are told that angle a is 57°, and that angle b is 73°. This tells us that angle c is is (180 - 57 - 73)°, or 50°. We are also given the length of side ab, 25cm. With that, we can use the sine rule to calculate the length of side ac: sin(b) / |ac| = sin(c) / |ab| ∴ sin(73°) / |ac| = sin(50°) / 24cm ∴ |ac| = 24cm · sin(73°) / sin(50°) ∴ |ac| ≈ 29.96cm

Is critical angle fixed?

Yes for a given medium critical angle is fixed as mu = 1/ sin C mu is the refractive index of the material and C is the critical angle.

How do you calculate the angle if you know Sin of the angle?

type the value of sine in the calculator and press 2ND SIN for sin-1, or press 2ND SIN for sin-1 and type the value of sine, because -sin(.xxxx) = angle known as inverse sine

How do you find the length of one side of a triangle if only one side and two angles are given?

The sides and angles of a triangle are generally described using a,b,c for the three sides and A for the angle opposite side a, B for the angle opposite side b and C for the angle opposite side c. Then use the Sine Rule provided that one of the given angles is opposite the given side. a/Sin A = b/Sin B = c/Sin C

How do you construct an isosceles triangle when base and angle at the vertex is given?

First find 180 minus the vertex angle and divide that by 2 to get the other angles. Then solve the other sides by using sin(vertex angle)/base=sin(other angles)/other sides.

What is the difference between sin x and sin -1 x .?

-- sin(x) is a number. It's the sine of the angle 'x'. -- sin-1(x) is an angle. It's the angle whose sine is the number 'x'.

How do you measure the complement and supplement of an angle in trigonometry?

Complement of a given angle = (90 - given angle) Supplement of a given angle = (180 - given angle)

What must be the critical angle if total internal reflection occured in diamond?

The critical angle is given by the formula: Thetac = sin-1(n2/n1) Assuming a diamond-air boundary, this gives the critical angle as: Thetac = sin-1(1.00/2.42) = 24.4 degrees.

What is the sin of a 37 degree angle?

sin(37) = 0.6018150232

What is the reference angle sin 285?

Sin(285) is a number, not an angle. The reference angle for 285 degrees is 285-360 = -75 degrees.

What is a value equal to sin 312?

That depends whether 312 is in degrees or in radians. Just open your scientific calculator (there is one included on most computers; don't forget to set it to "scientific"), select the correct angular measurement (usually degrees or radians), and do the calculation.-----If you don't have a scientific calculator you can use google: just enter sin 312 radians or sin 312 degrees.For more general expressions use the link attached below. For example, you can enter sin(312)+cos(312). This site will assume degrees in this instance but offer you the option of calculating the result for radians.

What is the base angle in the isoceles triangle whose side and altitute is given?

sin-1(a/s) where a = altitude and s = side.

What is arcsine?

The arcsine is the angle whose sine is equal to the given value. arcsine is also called sine inverse (sin-1 ) if sin 30o = 1/2 , then sin-1 1/2 = 30o

How do you calculate refractive index?

Refractive index of a medium = speed of light in air / speed of light in medium If a ray of light passes from air into that medium then the refractive index (R.I) can be given by: R.I = sin(angle in air) / sin(angle in medium) Angle in air is the angle between the ray of light and the normal in air.

What is the relation between the angle of incidence and the angle of refraction and velocity of light?

Sin I/VI = Sin Ref/VRef

How do you determine the magnitude and the direction of the resultant of nonconcurrent forces?

The resultant (sum) of nonconcurrent forces is given by the Law of Cosines, which is the product of the vector sums and their conjugate: C^2 = (A + B)(A + B)*=(AA* + BB* + AB* + A*B)= (AA* + BB* + 2ABcos(AB)) The angle of C is given by sin (C) =A/C sin(AB) angle(C ) is smaller than the angle between A and B, angle(AB).

How does wave speed relate to refraction?

Sin (Incident angle )/incident speed = sin(refraction angle)/refraction speed.

How do you find sin of angle?

The sine of an angle is obtained from a right angle triangle. The other two angles are acute, or less than 90 degrees. The sin of the angle is the side opposite the angle divided by the hypotenuse.

If the side opposite angle A of a right triangle is 30 meters and the hypotenuse is 90 meters what is the sin of angle a?

sin of angle a = opposite/hypotenuse = 1/3 sin-1(1/3) = 19.47122063 degrees

What is the perimeter of a triangle when an angle of 57 degrees is opposite to a side of 14.5 inches and has another angle of 71 degrees?

The sum of tthe angles of a triangle is 180° which means the third angle is 180° - (57° + 71°) = 52° The sine rule gives: a/sin A = b/sin B = c / sin C where side a is opposites angle A, etc. The sine rule can be used to find the lengths of the other two sides when the angles are all known and one side length is known. Let angle A = 57°, then side a = 14.5 in. Let angle B = 71° and angle C = 52° Using the sine rule: a/sin A = b/ sin B → b = a × sin B/sin A Similarly, c = a × sin C/sin A → The perimeter = a + b + c = a + a × sin B/sin A + a × sin C/sin A = a(1 + sin B/sin A + sin C/sin A) = 14.5 in × (1 + sin 71° / sin 57° + sin 52° / sin 57°) ≈ 44.47 in ≈ 44.5 in