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Q: What is another name for a vertical line?
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What is the name of the vertical line?

A vertical line!

What is the name of a vertical line on a graph?

The name of a vertical line is simply named by the number on the x axis it is on.

What Is The Other Name For Vertical Number Line?

The y axis on the Cartesian plane is a vertical number line

What is another name for the vertical number line?

The vertical axis. In 2-d coordinate geometry it would be the y axis, in 3-d it would be the z-axis.

Which is the name of the vertical line in a triangle?

name one pair of perpendiclur line segments?

What is the name of blinking vertical line in document?


What is the definition of a vertical line?

A line on the coordinate plane where all points on the line have the same x-coordinate. A line that goes straight up and down. A vertical line has no slope. a line that you can't possible be found going horizontal

When does a graph represents a function?

take a vertical line, if another line intersects that vertical line at 2 points, then it is a function.In other words,a graph represents a function if each vertical line meets its graph in a unique point.

If a line is known to be in a vertical plain Does the line has to be a vertical line?

No, indeed the line *could* be horizontal. A vertical plane is like the face of a wall, whiteboard or a computer screen (assuming each is actually vertical). Any combination of dots/pixels on those surfaces can be joined up in one way or another to form a line, straight, curved or angular. Because every point on that line is on the vertical plane, the line must also be on the vertical plane. It is easy then to see that a perfectly horizontal line, such as those seen bounding every box on this website, can still be part of a vertical plane. It just so happens that, in that very special case, it also belongs to another set of lines that lie on a horizontal plane.

Why the line x4 is a vertical line?


What line is perpendicular to a vertical line?

A horizontal line is perpendicular to a vertical line.

What is another name for y- intercept?

Vertical offset.