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  • addition= sum,plus,add,adding,total of,+ altogether increase
  • subtraction= difference, less, decrease ,subtract,-,take away,discount,reduction,subduction
  • division= quotient,divided
  • multiplication= product, times,multiply
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Q: What is another name for addition subtraction multiplication and division?
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In order of operation what comes after expontes?

after exponents comes multiplication and/or division from left to right depending on which comes first in the problem. the comes addition and/or subtraction from left to right depending on which comes first in the problem parentheses exponents multiplication division addition subtraction another way to remember order of operations is: please = parentheses excuse = exponents my = multiplication dear = division aunt = addition sally = subtraction

What is a mathematical operation?

An operator is a mapping from one vector space to another.

What is inverse operation?

An inverse operation undoes the effect of another operation. For example, addition is the inverse operation of subtraction, and multiplication is the inverse operation of division. Applying an operation and its inverse leaves you with the original value.

What includes operations such as addition subtraction multiplication and division as well as comparing one data item to another one?

i dont know an bargraph

What is another word for the answer to an subtraction problem?

Answer for an addition problem= sum. Answer for a subtraction problem= difference. Answer for a multiplication problem= product. Answer for a division problem= quotient.

What is the result of when you get when you one number by another?

We're missing a verb there. The answer in an addition problem is the sum. The answer in a subtraction problem is the difference. The answer in a multiplication problem is the product. The answer in a division problem is the quotient.

What does it mean with the signs in algebra?

well the . is multiplication. a number and another number separated with a _ is multiplication. a + is addition, and a - is subtraction. got it? teehee!

How are the four basic operations related to one another?

Subtraction is the inverse operation to addition. Multiplication is repeated addition.Division is the inverse of multiplication.

Pairs of operations that undo each other?

Inverse operations, or opposite operations, undo one another. Subtraction undoes addition (and vice versa), and division undoes multiplication (and vice versa).

What are the fundamental operations of integers?

I am not sure there are any fundamental operations of integers. The fundamental operations of arithmetic are addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. However, the set of integers is not closed with respect to division: that is, the division of one integer by another does not necessarily result in an integer.

How do you do the four operations of math?

Addition- add two numbers Subtraction- subtract one from another (usually the small from the larger) Multiplication- one times another Division- break up one number by the other (again, usually the bigger by the smaller)

What does the word inverse operation mean?

An inverse operation is an operation that "undoes" another operation. For example, addition and subtraction are inverse operations, as are multiplication and division. Using inverse operations allows you to reverse the effects of the original operation.