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A 2D shape is the name forit, because 2 stands for the 2 dimensions and the D stands for dimension wasn't that easy.

A 2 dimensional shape that looks like a cube is a square.

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Q: What is another name for the two dimensional shape cube?
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What is the name for a three-dimensional shape that has 12 edges?

A cube.

What is the name of 3 dimensional shape with six sides?

A cube...

What is another name for a 3 dimensional shape?

A solid shape.

What is another name for a cube 3d shape?

A regular hexahedron

What is another name for a three dimensional shape?

a polyhedron * * * * * That is only if it is bounded by plane faces. A sphere, for example, is a three dimensional shape but is not a polyhedron: it is a solid shape.

What Another name for a cube is?

A cube could be described as a box, or as a three dimensional square.

What is another name for a rectangular prism whose faces and bases are the same size and shape?

A cube.

What is the name of a shape with three sides?

A two-dimensional shape with three sides is a triangle. A three-dimensional shape with three faces is a cylinder.

Is a cube a polgon?

First of all, it's polygon, not polgon. Second of all, a cube is not a polygon. A polygon is a two-dimensional shape. A cube is a form of a prism. A prism's suffix is hedron.That means that a cube is a hexahedron, according to the number of sides. Though many people think of a hexagon when they hear that, it is disregarding the 'shape' hexagon. A hexagon has six sides, right? Well, a 3 dimensional cube has six sides as well, therefore it would be a hexahedron. The proper name for any given prism would be polyhedron. Not polygon. Thank you for your question.

What is the name of a rectangular three dimensional shape?

A cuboid.

Name a 3-dimensional shape that has no edges?


What is the name of a shape that has 10 sides?

A shape that has 10 sides (two dimensional) is called a decagon. A shape that has 10 faces (three dimensional) is call a decahedron.