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The abscissa is another word for the first coordinate in an ordered pair.

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Q: What is another name for the x coordinate in math?
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What is the math term for X-coordinate?

It is the abscissa.

Another name for the x coordinate of a point is?

The abscissa is another name for the x (horizontal) coordinate of a point. Pronounced "ab-SISS-ah" (the 'c;' is silent). Not used very much. Most commonly, the term "x-coordinate" is used. The ordinate is another name for the y (vertical) coordinate of a point. Pronounced "ORD-inet". Not used very much. Most commonly, the term "y-coordinate" is used.

What is another word for coordinate?

They are abscissa (x-coordinate) and ordinate (y-coordinate).

What is a x- coordinate in a math term?

It is the abscissa. The x-coordinate usually represents the location to the right of a fixed point, measured towards the right.

How do you calculate slope in math or science?

m= y2-y1 x2-x1 slope = y coordinate 2 - y coordinate 1 divided by x coordinate 2 - x coordinate 1

What is a coordinate plane in math?

A coordinate plane consists of the y axis up and left and the x axis right and down

Are there any math terms beginning with the letter x?

Yes: X-Axis, X-Coordinate, X-Intercept

Which point is located on the x-axis of a coordinate grid?

The x-axis is infinite. Any number can be on the x-axis of the coordinate plane. If you mean what is the y-coordinate, every point on the x-axis has a y coordinate of zero: (x, 0)

When plotting in math is it the x axis first or the y axis?

The x-coordinate comes first in an ordered pair.

What is the name of the x and y in an ordered pair?

The first and second coordinate. X is the first coordinate and y is the second.

What is another definition of coordinate graph?

A Coordinate Graph is a graph which has a x and y axis for you to plot

How can you name a point on a graph?

Compare it's position to the origin. The x coordinate is the number of units to the right of the origin. (If it is to the left of the origin the x coordinate is negative.) The y coordinate is the number of units above the origin. (If it is below, the y coordinate is negative.) The point is denoted (x,y) with the x coordinate in place of the x and the y coordinate in place of the y.

What is another name for a cartesian coordinate system?

It is the Cartesian plane or grid system whereas coordinates of x and y are plotted on it.

What is abscissa in math?

The word abscissa can either refer the horizontal axis (the x-axis) in a cartesian coordinate system or the actual coordinate plotted on the horizontal axis.

What is the x coordinate called?

the "x" coordinate is called "x"

What does the math term x-coordinate mean?

The horizontal value in a pair of coordinates: how far along the point is.

What does the math term coordinate mean?

In the Cartesian coordinate system, a point represents a position in a two-dimensional space or plane. This means that that point has an x-value and a y-value. This is written as (x,y) and the entire paranthesis is the coordinate. Examples of coordinates: (3,6) and (-2, 12).

What is the name of the first member of an ordered pair?


What is an Origin in Math Terms?

On a coordinate graph, the origin is the point where the X axis and the Y axis intersect. That is the point where X=0 and Y=0.

What does every y - intercept have in common?

Its x coordinate is 0.The abscissa (x-coordinate) is zero.

What is the x-coordinate of a point called?

It is called that point...(say, 5, -4) but in the x coordinate. a question may be...Find the x cooriinate of 5, -4, and the x coordinate of it would just be caalled the x coordinate of 5, -4

What does ordered pairs mean in math terms?

they mean coordinate planes.. those are the 2 numbers in the parenthesis when u have a coordinate plane on a graph table. an ordered pair is (1,4) the number on the x and y axis (x,y)

What is the cartesian coordnate system?

The cartesian coordinate system is the basic coordinate system people are familiar with. If you were to plot a basic X Y graph, where X and Y increase towards infinity, you are graphing in the cartesian coordinate system. There are a few other popular coordinate systems for more advanced math, but they are rarely used by most people. (polar coordinate system is common for some calculus equations)

How do you name coordinate plane?

Its other name is the Cartesian plane and it was the French mathematician Rene Descartes who first conceived of the idea of x and y axes on the coordinate plane

What is the x coordinate for all y-intercepts?

The x coordinate for all y intercepts is 0, just as the y coordinate for all x intercepts is 0.

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