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Q: What is another sample of problem?
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What is the Sample space for 4?

In order to determine the sample space, an actual description of the problem is needed. A number doesn't give the required information.

What is the problem of random sampling?

With random sampling, you are hoping to get a representative sample of a whole, however statistically you could get a sample that is very different from the whole it was selected from. The larger the sample proportion of the whole, the better your sample will be. For example, a sample of 10 out of 100 is not as good as 20 out of 100. The bigger the sample the closer to the actual whole average you will get.

Sample problem for this formula c equals 2pir where pi is 3.1416?

2 x pi x radius is used to calculate the circumference of the circle, when you know the radius. So, your sample problem should ask about some circle.

How do you solve a box and whisker math problem?

the far left verticle bar represents the minimum of the sample that is not an outlier, the far left edge of the box is the 1st quartile (25th percentile of sample), the middle bar in box is the median (middle number of sample), the right edge of the box is 3rd quartile (75th percentile of sample), and the far right verticle bar is the maximum of the sample that is not an outlier. Any dots outside of the verticle bars are outliers as demonstrated by: Outlier < Q1 - (IQRx1.5) Outlier > Q3 + (IQRx1.5) as for solving a box and whisker plot problem, you will need to be more descriptive on what the problem is asking.

When each data value in one sample is matched with a corresponding data value in another sample the samples are known as?

Matched Samples