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adjacent means next to, so i will say another word is NEXT TO

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Q: What is another word for adjacent in math?
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What is another math word for use?

Another word for math is ...matholagy

What does the word adjacent mean in math?

It means "next to" - as it does in all other areas of communication.

In math what is adjacent?

In maths adjacent means next to, e.g. the adjacent line would be the one next to it.

What is another word for height in math?


In math what is another word for subtract?


Another word for flip in math?


What is another word for turn in math?


What is another word for slide in math?

It is translation

What is the math symbol for adjacent angles?

there is no symbol, you just say angle A is adjacent to angle B

What does adjacent mean in a math term?

Adjacent angles are two angles that share a mutual side. This is in geometry.

What does power mean in math terms?

The word power is another word for exponents

What is another word for height in math that is not altitude?


What is another word math mathematician?

ugoligst of mathetology

In math what is another word for question?

Problem, Query,

What is another word for average for a math test?


What is another word for solve in math?

Solve in mathematics

What does adjacent mean in math?

adjacent in maths means the angle on a triangle next to a right angle in trigonometry and pythagoras

What another word beside math?

algrebra, calculus, geometry. depends what kind of math you're talking about.

What is arithmetic mean?

Arithmetic is another word for math or mathematics.

What is another word for the square root symbol?

A radical. Math is √!

What does adjacent angles mean in math?

a angle that is really werid

What is the definition of adjacent?

the word adjacent means next to

What is another name for an AC joint?

what is another word for AC in math because i have homework for math and i have a ear ache and i didnt learn it so i need to know what is means.

What is the definition of adjacent in math terms?

Adjacent means that it is next to something. So, if you two intersecting lines, the angles that are right next to each other or that share a line are called "adjacent"

What is the after math?

Aftermath is another word for destruction, like the aftermath of a thunderstorm