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Natural numbers are sometimes defined to include zero, sometimes not. Equivalent terms therefore may include: positive integers, non-negative integers, whole numbers, positive whole numbers ("whole number" is ambiguous; some take it to include negative numbers, some not).

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Q: What is another word for natural number?
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What is another word for natural?

Another word for natural is "organic"

What is a multiple of a natural number always?

A multiple of a natural number should be another natural number.

What is another name for natural fertilizers?

Another word for natural fertilizers is organic fertilizers.

When a natural number is multiplied by ten what will the product be?

Another natural number, ten times as large.

What is another word for a natural?


Is methane a natural gas?

Methane is another word for natural gas

What is another word for organic?

All natural

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synonyms natural features

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survival of the fittest

What is another word for intuitive?

innate, inborn, natural

Are natural numbers closed under addition?

Yes, because naturals are counting numbers, {1,2,3...} and any natural number added by another natural number has to be a natural. Think of a number line, and your adding the natural numbers. The sum has to be natural, so yes it is closed.

What is Another name for natural number is?

The natural numbers are also called the counting numbers.

What is meant by a proper factor of a natural number?

a natural number means any number from 1-9 a proper factor is a number which can be multiplied with another number to make a certain product. see if this helps

What is another word for Darwin's theory of natural selection?


What is another word for natural resources?

. Energy, like what kind?

Another word for Differential success in reproduction?

Natural Selection!

Is one natural number divided by another natural number always a natural number?

No, 4/3 is 1.333333... which is not a natural number. However, any natural number divided by a natural number will always be a rational number. This is due to the definition of a rational number as being able to be expressed as p/q where p and q are integers. Thus, numbers where p and q are natural numbers represent a subset of all the rational numbers.

What happens when a natural number is multiplied by 10?

You obtain another natural number that is ten times as great as the original one.

What is another name for e in algebra?

the natural number Euler's number

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A number to the second power.