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The word straight does have an antonym, which is crooked. So perhaps a crooked line is the opposite of a straight line.

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Q: What is antonym of a straight line?
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What is the antonym for gnarled?

Straight line

What is antonym for angle?

Antonym means the opposite. So the opposite of angle is a straight line.

What is the antonym of tangent?

The answer depends on the context. In the context of a curve, a tangent is a straight line that touches the line without intersecting it. The antonym does not have a specific name because it could be a straight line that does not meet the curve at all, or it could be one that crosses the curve. Note that even a tangent can cross the curve at some other [distant] point(s).

What is an antonym for creased?

An antonym for creased is straight or smooth

What is the Antonym for crooked?

The antonym for crooked is straight.

Is there an antonym for circumflex?

Well, I think circumflex itself doesn't have an antonym, but it means to bend around or curve, you can try and look up for a synonym for curve. It could be straighten/straight or line.

What is the antonym for circle?


What is an antonym of straight?

the opposite of straight is crooked or wavy.

Is straight a synonym for curved?

A synonym for straight is unbent.

What is the antonym for straight?

bent backward

What is an antonym for round?

oval, or straight

What is the antonym for maze?

The antonym for maze is clarity or simplicity.