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Q: What is ar 615-365 on military discharge?
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How long does a military discharge stay on your record?

A military discharge cant be removed from your record

Can you reenter the military with a General Discharge and how long after discharge do you have to do so?


What was the military meaning of AR 615-160 in World War 2?

My father was released from duty in 1947. The reason was listed as AR-615. What it boiled down to was that he was not old enough when he enlisted and they found out so they sent him home after 4 months. It was only listed as AR-615, no other numbers, but it was an honorable discharge.

How can you get out the military?

Choose not to re-enlist (honorable discharge), bad conduct discharge, hardship discharge, medical discharge, die.

What is the name when you are discharge from the military?


What is the military definition of DD?

Dishonourable discharge

Does the military ever reverse an honorable discharge to a dishonorable discharge if he or she commits capital murder after being discharged from the military?

No. If you commit a crime as a civilian after you've been separated from the military, it has no impact on your discharge. Not that it really matters - you get convicted for a capital crime, no discharge is going to better your life after prison, assuming you eventually get paroled.

Why would a woman experience a mucous like white discharge constantly?

The discharge is normal, and its a type of fertility monitor your body has. Depending on where you are in your cycle and your hormones the discharge will be lighter ar darker..ect.

Mental discharge from the military does it mean you can not reenlist?

Probably not.

What toy was tested for military use?

ar drone

Can Australian army personnel stationed with US military receive dd-214?

No. They would receive whatever discharge papers the Australian military gave them upon their discharge from service.

Why did Walt Disney get a dishonorable discharge?

Walt Disney did not receive a dishonorable discharge because he never served in the military.