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This is the address for

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Q: What is at 820 Davis Street Suite 210 Evanston IL 60201?
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What is the contact information for the American Massage Therapy Association?

American Massage Therapy Association. 820 Davis Street, Suite 100, Evanston, IL.

What comes first the suite number or the street number?

The street number comes first followed by the street name then the suite number.

Should a semicolon or comma be used after street name and before suite number?

Quadrangle Street Suite 360

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How do you include the suite number in an address?

There are two ways to include the suite number in an address. One way is to place it on its own line immediately before or after the line with the street address. The other way is to put the suite number at the end of the address line. Either way, it should be identified as "Suite" or "Ste." so that the postal carrier can tell it is a suite number.

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