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$8.50a +$5.50c

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$8.50a +$5.50c= $14

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Q: What is at grant cinemas adult tickets cost 8.50 and children's tickets cost 5.50 Write an algrebraic expressions for the cost of a adult tickets and c children's tickets.?
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Which retailers sell movie tickets in Cleveland?

Shaker Square Cinemas, Cedar Lee Theatre, Tower City Cinemas, Capitol Theatre, Regal Cinemas, AMC Ridge Park Square, and Cinemark at Valley View sell movie tickets in Cleveland.

How much are the tickets at hoyt's cinemas?

Hoyts is about $25 bux

Are all the new moon tickets sold out yet?

No, not in the cinemas

What cinemas could you book tickets for Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince in Trichy?

Any of the cinemas which showed the film would have pre-booking, and most if not all cinemas would have shown it.

What is the age limit for child movie tickets at Regal Cinemas?

According to Fandango, a child ticket at Regal Cinemas is for ages 11 and under.

Can you book 10 rs tickets in sathyam cinemas online?


Where can you book tickets for breaking dawn part 2?

on the cinemas website

What ages are childrens' tickets for Disneyland tickets?

Children's tickets are for ages 3 to 9. Anyone 10 and up is considered an adult

What sites offer movie tickets online?

There are several sites that offer movie tickets online. These websites include Movie Tickets, Fandango, AMC Theaters, Movie Fone, and Showcase Cinemas.

Are the tickets for the Michael Jackson movie 'This is it' sold out?

It depends on the different cinemas, there are quite a few that still have tickets available, you just have to check around and see which places have them.

Where can someone buy cinema tickets?

A person looking to purchase cinema tickets online will be able to find them at Fandango, The Movie Tickets Website, and a web site called Showcase Cinemas. Movie tickets can also be purchased and sold on Stub Hub.

Can you use Pre-paid tickets from Regal cinemas at AMC theaters?

No, they are two entirely different companies.

What is the use of computers in cinemas?

computers are used in cinemas to keep a record of which films are playing, what time they're being played, how much people have bought tickets for the film, how much money they have made from the film.

How much are the tickets to see Harry Potter 6 at the cinemas?

for children about £4-5 and adults £5-6

Where do you buy the tickets to the This Is It movie?

You can obtain them via the This Is It web site and it will direct you to a page where you can choose from different cinemas you can buy them from.

What is the price of tickets to avatar 3D at regent cinemas albury?

Please check your local listings for theater information.

Can you use the AMC gold experience tickets at regal cinemas?

that is an interesting question because AMC owns the regal and rave cinemas. On one website it says that you can use it. But when I called the theater they said no. Very confusing indeed.

Do you get free food at village cinemas gold class?

No. You have to pay extra. Expect to spend $100 for two tickets, lunch, and a drink

When were movie tickets sold for 1.50?

$1.50 would buy a movie ticket at most cinemas in the late 1960s. Youth tickets stayed about that price into the middle 1970s. Movie prices were not very standardized nationwide until about 1980 - 85, so smaller cinemas, non-first-run movies, and rural locations stayed at that low price until around 1980.

How much do movie tickets cost at reading cinemas in belmont'?

Adults= 16 dollars Children/seniors=14 dollars

Juan and jamal collectes 39.00 for tickets to the science museum adult tickets cost 7.00 and childrens tickets cost 5.00 how many adults and how man children plan to go visit the museum?

2 adults and 5 children

What do you do with a prestige movie ticket voucher?

Trade them in for a bowl of soup, everything now is Rave Cinemas and they do not accept the tickets that AAA sold me a few months ago.

How much are movie tickets at Showtime Cinemas?

Depends on the location. The one in my town is 4 dollars for a matinee and 6-7 dollars for a late movie.

Is regal crown club a legal club?

"Yes, the Regal Crown Club is a ""legal club"". It's a rewards club for the Regal Cinemas. You earn credits when you see movies at Regal Cinemas theaters, and you can then use the credits for things like free food at the concession stand and free movie tickets."

What cinema is the ultramarines movie showing in?

Well it's a straight to DVD release so it's not in cinemas. You can preorder the special edition before the 29th of November but after that you can't get it until spring. I've already preordered. I heard theres a chance to win tickets to see a preview screening on the 28th in London but as far as cinemas go I think that's it.