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b2 + ab - 2 - 2b2 + 2ab = -b2 + ab - 2 which cannot be simplified further.

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Q: What is b squared plus ab minus two minus two b squared plus two ab?
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Factor ab minus 2ac plus b squared minus 2bc?


Factor 6ab minus 6ac plus 6b squared minus 6bc?

6(ab - ac + b2 - bc)

Factor x squared y squared plus ay squared plus ab plus bx squared?

(a + x^2)(b + y^2)

Factor a cubed plus B-Cubed?

(a+b)(a squared-ab+b squared)

If you know that AB plus B equals C what is the conclusion?

C minus B equals AB

If one parent is a plus and one is o- will the child be ab plus?

No. The child could be either AA or Ao and they would have plus or minus, depending on if the a plus parent has plus plus, or plus minus

How minus times minus is plus?

Let y= ab+(- a)(b) +(-a)(-b) factor out -a y= ab+(-a){b+(-b)} y=ab+(-a)(0) y =ab -------------------(1) now factor out b y= b{a+(-a)}+(-a)(-b) y= b(0) +(-a)(-b) y= (-a)(-b)-----------------(2) equate (1) and (2) (-a)(-b)=ab minus x minus = positive

Factor X squared y plus axy plus abx plus a squared b?

x2y + axy + abx + a2b Factor by grouping. xy(x + a) + ab(x + a) (xy + ab)(x + a)

If you have AB plus blood and got an AB minus blood transfusion could it be life threatening?

No, AB+ people can receive blood from all blood groups.

Ab plus 3a plus b squared plus 3b?

This expression can be factored. ab + 3a + b2 + 3b = a(b + 3) + b(b + 3) = (a + b)(b + 3)

Is ab squared the same as 2ab?

ab(ab) =2ab

Factor ab - 2ac plus b squared - 2bc?


Give the equation about pythagorean theory?

If you have two straight lines AB and BC such that the two lines meet at B and AB and BC make 90 degrees with each other then the pythagorean theory (theoram) states that the length of line AC (assume that points A and C are joined by a straight line) then (AC) squared = (AB) squared +(BC) squared

Can a O plus mother and O plus father have AB minus daughter?

No. O is recessive to all other blood types. So if you're O you can't carry A or B. An AB child needs each parent to be carrying either A or B. Therefore two O parents cannot have an AB child.

How do you solve a squared plus a plus ab plus b equals 0?

That factors to (a + 1)(a + b) a = -1, -b b = -a

What does ab equals 1a plus 1B plus ab equal to?

ab=1a+1b a is equal to either 0 or two, and b is equal to a

Can a donor with type AB give blood to someone with type O?

No, a Type AB blood donor could not give to a Type O recipient. The A & B refer to antigens, or proteins, on the surface of the red blood cells. Type O people have neither A nor B antigens, thus, their body rejects the donor blood, which has both A and B antigens. Here is a chart: Type Given Can Receive: O O, A, B, AB A A, AB B B, AB AB AB This is not exactly correct, but for the intents of your question, it should serve. The exact blood types would be O, A plus, A minus, B plus, B minus, AB plus, and AB minus.

Factor x squared y - xyb - abx plus ab squared?

Factor by grouping. x2y - xyb - abx + ab2 The first two can factor out an xy, so xy(x - b) The second two can factor out a -ab, so -ab(x - b) and we have xy(x - b) - ab(x - b) Since what is inside the parentheses is alike, we can be assured that we have factored correctly and now continue to group: ANS: (x - b)(xy - ab)

X squared y squared plus ay squared plus ab plus bx squared?

The problem here is nobody knows if "ay squared" is (ay)2 or ay2 etc. To solve a mathematical problem it must be set out mathematically or nobody knows your intention. Here is a sort of mathematical statement which is unclear, and although it ends in a question mark, nobody knows what the question is, even if you do. Try again and people will do their best to answer it. I read the question as: x2y2 + ay2 + ab + bx2 ? But what is required to be done with it?

Can a mom with o plus blood have a Ab plus child?

No , a mom with o plus will have a o plus child only. If the child is ab plus then mom will also be ab plus

What is A B squared?

A^2-2ab+B^2 is actually (A+B)^2 AB squared is A^2B^2 or (AB)^2

Can two B plus and AB plus parents have an B- child?

yes, because the offspring could take AB or just B or even BB .

If ab plus bc equals ac then ac equals ab plus bc?

yes because ab plus bc is ac

Four ab minus negative three ab equals?

Two negatives make a positive so your equation simplifies firstly as 4ab + 3ab and finally as 7ab.

If father is type AB- and mother is type AB plus can their child be A plus?

yeah the child can be A+, B+ or AB+