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Generally speaking milligrams.

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Q: What is basic metric unit of measurement for mass of small object?
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Why is metric system accurate?

The metric system is not inherently more accurate. Any system, if it has units of measurement that are sufficiently small, will be accurate.

What is the most appropriate metric unit measurement for the mass of a small poodle?

It would be grams. :D

Disadvantage of vernier caliper?

it has limit of measurement, because it is small. use for small object only

Basic unit of mass in the metric system?

kilogram. Its not a gram because it is too small.

What is the basic unit of mass in the metric system?

The kilogram. It would not be gram because it is too small.

Why isn't one million francium atoms per second not enough to make a basic measurement?

These quantities are too small for the measurement of physical properties.

What is the Use of metric ruler?

For measuring distances in metric units. Every country in the world uses metric as its main or only system of measurement, except fot the USA, Liberia (a small country Africa) and Burma (a country in Asia).

Why is the basic metric unit for mass kilograms and not grams?

Because grams are on a scale too small for regular use.

A student measured the mass of a small object and found it to be 56.0 grams The object's mass is known to be 55.0 grams What is the percent of error in the student's measurement?


What is the measurement of an object that is nano sized particle of matter?

When used as a size indicator, "nano" means that the object is so small that its size is best expressed in nanometers.

In the metric system the basic unit of volume is the?

Since the unit of length is the meter, the natural unit of volume is the cubic meter. The basic metric system unit for Volume is m³ (meters cubed). The unit for volume is based on the SI metric unit for length that is metres cubed or (m) with a small 3 as an index

Why pH of unbuffered solution drifts during measurement?

Small amounts of gasses compete to make it slightly acidic or basic.

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