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3 km = 300,000 cm

So 3 km is bigger than 200 cm

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Q: What is bigger 3 kilometers or 200 centimeters?
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Which is bigger 200 centimeters or 3 meters?

1 meter = 100 centimeters3 meters is equal to 300 cm.Therefore, 3 meters is larger than 200 centimeters.

Which is greater 2 kilometers or 300 centimeters?

2 kilometers. To see why just convert to the same units: Lets go for centimeters: Kilo means 1000, and a metre is 100 centimeters, so 2 kilometers becomes 2x1000x100 centimeters which is bigger than 300 centimeters. If you go for meters instead, 2 kilometers is 2000 meters, and 300 centimeters is 3 meters and 2000 is bigger than 3

How many centimeters are there in 3 kilometers?

There are 300,000 centimeters in 3 kilometers. (100) centimeters in a meter x (1000) meters in a kilometer x (3) kilometers = 300,000.

If 2 centimeters on a map represents 50 kilometers then what would 3 centimeters represent?

3 centimeters would represent 75 kilometers on the map.

Explain how a person can mentally determine the number of centimeters in 3 kilometers?

There are 1,000 meters in a kilometer and 100 centimeters in a meter, so there are 1,000 x 100 = 100,000 centimeters in a kilometer. Multiply the number of kilometers by 100,000 to get the number of centimeters. For 3 kilometers, this is 3 x 100,000 = 300,000 centimeters.

Which is bigger 3 m or 200 dm?

3 metres is bigger.

Is three hundred centimeters the same as 3 kilometers?

No, 300 centimeters is the same as 3 meters.

How many times can you run on a track of 200 meters to get to 3 kilometers?

It is: 15*200 meters = 3 kilometers

Which is longest 20 centimeters 3 kilometers 12 meters 300 millimeters?

3 kilometers

What is bigger 200 cm or 3 m?

3 m = 300 cm which makes it bigger than 200 cm

Is 25 millimeters bigger than 3 centimeters?

No, it is not.

Is 5.2 centimeters bigger than 3 inches?

No, 5.2 centimeters = 2.0472440945 inches

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