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7 tenths

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Q: What is bigger 5 eighths or 7 tenths?
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Is three tenths bigger or smaller than seven eighths?

3/10 is smaller than 7/8.

Which is bigger five eighths or seven tenths?

You can tell right away if you compare their decimal equivalents. 5/8 = 0.625 7/10 = 0.700 You can see immediately that 7/10 is the larger of the two. It happens to be 12% more than 5/8.

Which is bigger 7 tenths or 2 fifths?

7 tenths is bigger because if you made 2 fifths into tenths it would be 4 fifths as 10 is doule of 5

What is bigger three eighths or seven tenths?

Set up a proportion and multiply up and across. 3/8=7/10 30 ? 56 so 7/10 is bigger

Which is bigger the fraction two fifths or seven eights?

Seven eighths is bigger. 2\5 < 7\8

Is 1 half bigger then 7 tenths?

no a half is five tenths 1/2 = 5/10 which is less than 7/10.

Is 7 eighths greater than 5 tenths?

Yes, seven eighths is greater than five tenths. Five tenths, or one half, expressed in eighths would be four eighths. Since seven is greater than four, seven eighths is greater than four eighths (or five tenths). One easy way to know is use a calculator and do the division (seven divided by eight, and five divided by ten); in decimal form the higher value may be more quickly apparent when compared.

What is four-fifths of seven-eighths?

4 / 5 x 7 / 8 = 4x7 / 5x8 = 28 / 40 = 7 / 10 seven tenths

Is seven twelfths or five eighths the bigger fraction?

5/8 is greater than 7/12

Is 5 8ths bigger than 7 tenths?

No. 5/8 in decimal form = 0.625, which is less than 7/10.

What is larger three fifths or seven tenths?

no bich its 7 not 3

Which is bigger one third or seven eighths?