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Q: What is bigger decagram or decigram?
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A decigram equals how many grams?

A decigram is 1/10 of a gram. However a Decagram is 10 grams.

What is the relation between a decigram and a dekagram?

1 dekagram = 100 decigrams.

What is bigger a decagram or a milligram?

A decagram.

How many times larger than a centigram is a decagram?

a decagram is 10grams. a centigram is 1/100 of a gram, so a decagram is 1000 times a centigram. not to be confused with decigram (1/10 of a gram)

What comes before grams?

Decagram if going from larger unit to smaller unit, and decigram if from smaller to larger.

What does khd bdcm stand for?

It means Kilogram Hectogram Decagram base decigram centigram miligram. (or liter, meter)

Which is larger a decigram or a hectogram?

A Killogramn is bigger than a Hectogram, but a Hectogram is bigger than a Decigram

How many decigrams are equivalent to 413 decagrams?

What is a decigram or decagram im guessing its weight why not use a weight conversion calculator

Which is bigger a hectogram or a decigram?

A hectogram is bigger.

Which is bigger kilogram or decigram?

A decigram is a 10th of a gram, a kilogram is 1000 grams.

What weighs a decagram?

DecagramOne decagram is 10 grams, one decigram is 1/10 gram One hectogram is 100 gram, one centigram is 1/100 gramOne kilogram is 1000 gram, one milligram is 1/1000 gram* * * * *Pedantic correction:Nothing can weigh a decagram because a decagram is a unit for measuring mass, not weight. Mass is NOT the same as weight.

How many milligrams are in a decigram?

There are 10 decigrams in a gram. there are also 1 million micrograms in gram. Therefore, there are 100,000 micrograms in a decigram. So that means that there are 0.00001 decigrams in a microgram.