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five sevenths obviously.

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Q: What is bigger five sevenths or four sixth?
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Is four sevenths bigger than five sixths?


Is five sevenths bigger than four sixths?

Yes. Six sevenths is 88%. Five sixths is 83.4%.

What is four and three sevenths minus two and five sevenths?

one and five sevenths

Is four fifths bigger than four sevenths?

Yes, fifths arer bigger chunks than sevenths.

Which fraction is bigger four sixth or five sevenths?

4/6 = 28/42 and 5/7 = 30/42 so 5/7 is bigger

What is five sevenths plus four sevenths?

Nine sevenths, or one and two sevenths.

Is four sixths bigger than five sixths?

It isn't bigger. It is smaller by one sixth.

What is one seventh plus four sevenths?

five sevenths !

Is four sevenths bigger than five eights?

no 5/8 > 4/7

What is the simplest form of five and nine -sevenths?

Six and two sevenths or forty four sevenths.

Which bigger five sevenths or four fifths?

4/5 = 0.8 5/7 = 0.71428 so 4/5 is larger

What is the answer for putting 3 and four sevenths to an improper fraction?

25/7 (twenty-five sevenths).

What is 8 and 1 seventh divided by 3 and 1 sixth?

the answer is 2 and four sevenths

Is four sevenths less than sixth ninths?

Four- Sevenths (4/7) is about 0.57 and six- ninths (6/9) is about 0.67, so yes it is less by a small amount.

What is four fifths minus five sevenths?


What is four and five sevenths rounded to?

To the nearest integer, 5

What is five and four twenty-sevenths as a decimal?

5.148 repeating

What is four fifths times by five sevenths?

twenty eghiths

Name two fractions between four sevenths and five sevenths?

9/14 & 10/21

What is four and two thirds plus five and one sixth?

Nine and five sixth

Which is bigger the fraction four sevenths or six ninths?

6/9 ths

What is the total of four sevenths plus five fourteenths?


Is four sevenths equal to five hundred forty-one thousandths?


Which is bigger the fraction four sevenths or three fifths?

3/5 is greater.

What is five times four and one sixth?

What is 5x4 and one sixth