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Q: What is bigger in size than a bear?
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Is a black bear bigger than a sloth bear?

Only slightly. In most cases they are about the same size as the other.

How much bigger is a sloth bear than a sun bear?

Sun bears are over half the size of sloth bears.

Can a lion be bigger than a polar bear?

No. A lion is not even bigger than a brown bear or a black bear.

Is a sun bear bigger than a tiger?

Not really, no. Sun bears can be about the same size as a tiger, especially a bengal.

Which is bigger a blue whale or a polar bear?

A blue whale is bigger than a polar bear.

Which is bigger polar or grizzly bear?

The grizzly or brown bear and the polar bear are basicly the same size.

Can a grizzly bear be bigger than a polar bear?

It is possible.

Is a Queen Size bed bigger than a king size bed?

No, a king-size is bigger than a queen-size.

Is a python bigger than a grizzly bear?


What is bigger than a polar bear?


Is 140x140 a bigger size than 150x100?

Yes 140x150 is bigger size than 150x100

Is king size bigger than queen size?

The king is bigger.