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One half is the biggest.

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Q: What is bigger one half two sevenths or two fifths?
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Is three fifths bigger than a half?

Three fifths is bigger than one half. Two fifths is smaller than one half.

Which is bigger 1 half or 2 fifths?

One half is bigger than two fifths because two fifths just before 2.5 fifths which is half.

What is is bigger four fifths or one half?

four fifths

Is two fifths bigger than a half?

Nope... one half is bigger than two fifths.

Is two fifths more or less than one half?

One half is bigger then two fifths.

Which one is greater two fifths or two sevenths?

Two fifths is greater than two sevenths

What are four fractions between one third and one half?

two fifths, three sevenths, four nineths, five elevenths

Which one is bigger half cup or three sevenths cup?

A half cup is bigger. When put in a decimal 1/2 is 0.5 and 3/7 is about 0.43. The half cup has the bigger number, therefore it is bigger.

Four fifths divided by negative four sevenths?

negative one and two fifths

What is one divided by seven fifths?

five sevenths

Is one fifths larger than two sevenths?


Which is greater one half or two fifths?

one half is greater one half = 0.5 two fifths = 0.4 0.5 is bigger than 0.4

Which is bigger one sevenths or six sevenths?


What is two sevenths closer to one half or one?

Two sevenths are closer to a half.

What is five sevenths of ninety one?

two and 3 fifths

What is two sevenths plus one tenth?

It is four fifths

What one is greater one half or four sevenths?

four sevenths

Bigger one third or two fifths?

Two fifths is bigger.

What is a bigger fraction two fifths or one fourth?

Two fifths is bigger.

What is 3 sevenths minus 2 fifths?

We convert it into thirty-fifths. That gives 15 thirty-fifths minus 14 thirty-fifths which is one thirty fifth.

Is four seventh the same as one fourth?

no. four sevenths is over one half and one fourth is half of one half so how would one forth and four sevenths be the same?

What is 5 and one half - 2 and two fifths?

5 and one half - 2 and two fifths = 3

Is one half equal to three fifths?

No, one half is 50% and three fifths is 60%. One half also equals three sixths and not three fifths.

How do you round 3 sevenths?

To the nearest half, one half

Is one third bigger than three sevenths?


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