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One third = 1/3 = 33.33%

Two forths = 2/4 = 50%

Therefore, two fourths is bigger than one third.

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Q: What is bigger one third or two fourth?
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What is a bigger fraction two ninths or one fourth?

One fourth is bigger.

What is a bigger fraction two fifths or one fourth?

Two fifths is bigger.

How do you use a number line for two and one fourth?

two one fourth the two is bigger than the one fourth so it comes last and the one fourth comes first.

Which is bigger six and one third or two fifths?

Six and one third is much bigger.

Bigger one third or two fifths?

Two fifths is bigger.

Is two third less than one fourth?

no two thirds is more than one fourth

What is one fourth of two and one third?


Is one-fourth bigger then two-eighths?

They are equivalent.

Does one third and one fourth equals two thirds?


How is two fifths bigger than one third?

Two fifths is 40% and one third is ~33% :)

Is one third bigger or smaller than two ninths?


Which is bigger one fourth or two fourths?


Is one fourth bigger than two tenths?


Which is bigger one third or two thirds?

Two of anything is generally bigger than one of the same thing.

Is one third is bigger than two third?

Notwo thirds is two times as big as one third

Which one is bigger one third or two ninths?

1/3 = 3/9 which is bigger

Is two ninths bigger than one third?


What is one fourth plus two third?

11 twelfths

Which is greater three to the third power or two to the fourth power?

33 = 27 24 = 16 The first one looks bigger.

A floor has twelve equal sections the floor is one fourth blue two sixth green one twelfth yellow and one third red which color covers the greatest portion of the spinner?

one third red because it is bigger than the rest of the answers.

What is bigger one third or two sevenths?

seven tenths

Is one third bigger than two sevenths?


Is two thirds bigger than one third?


What fraction is bigger a third or 2 thirds?

Two thirds is twice as much as one third.

Which one is bigger two third cup or 1half cup?

two thirds cup