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Q: What is bigger than a city but smaller than a country?
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Is a country smaller than a city?

A city is smaller then a country.

Is London bigger than Vatican City?

No, the Vatican is tiny, the smallest country in the world.

Is your country smaller than Germany?

My country is bigger than Germany. Now guess what country I'm in.

What city is bigger than new york city but has a smaller population?

delhi bigger than new york and less population

What is bigger France or Spain or Italy?

Rome is a city in the country of Italy, not a country of itself. Rome is also a lot smaller than France, which is a country.

Is India a bigger or smaller country than the United Kingdom?

In terms of both land area and population, India is a bigger country than the United Kingdom.

Is California bigger than Casablanca?

Casablanca is a city in Morocco; it is much smaller than California which is a state.

Which country is smaller the Vatican or the Nauru island?

Vatican City is smaller than Nauru.

Is 1.0 bigger or smaller than 0.1?

1.0 is bigger than 0.1.

Is Tokyo bigger than England?

No. Tokyo is a city and England is a country.

Is Noida bigger than Gurgaon?

As a district, Noida is smaller than Gurgaon As a city, Noida is than Gurgaon Asses

Is 4 is smaller or bigger?

Both. It is smaller than 4.1 and bigger than 3.9