What is bipartite?

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credit always involves parties: the debtor who obtains the money, goods or services in exchange of his promise to pay at a future date

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A number a power of a variable or a product of the two is a monomial while a polynomial is the of monomials

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Q: What is bipartite?
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Related questions

Is tree a bipartite graph?

Yes. A graph is bipartite if it contains no odd cycles. Since a tree contains no cycles at all, it is bipartite.

Is every tree a bipartite graph?

Yes, every tree ia a bipartite graph (just see wikipedia).

Meaning of bipartite?

having two parts.

What is the automorphism group of a complete bipartite graph?

The automorphism group of a complete bipartite graph K_n,n is (S_n x S_n) semidirect Z_2.

What was a bipartite government?

A government consisting of two parts

What are bipartite and tripartite bodies in dispute settlement?

Bipartite bodies in a dispute settlement is an agreement between two parties. Tripartitie bodies is an agreement between three parties involved in a settlement.

What is a bipartition?

A bipartition is something which is bipartite or an instance of sharing or partitioning in two.

What are the different types of carrier-linked prodrug?

The different types of carrier-linked prodrugs are bipartite, tripartite, and mutual. Bipartite structures consist of a carrier linked to a prodrug. Tripartite structues have a carrier linked to a drug via a linker. Mutual structures have two drugs linked to each other.

What is a bigraph?

A bigraph is another term for a bipartite graph - in mathematics, a graph whose vertices can be divided into two disjoint sets.

What is tripartite?

A tripartite is a way of forming a government. In the negociations after the elections the different parties sit together and decide how they are going to compose their government. When they choose to make a tripartite, there are three parties who will sit in the government the rest wil be in the opposition. Likewise to a tripartite is a bipartite, in a bipartite there are two parties in the government, the rest will be opposition. rwwwwgtfv t4b

What is bipartite contract?

credit always involves parties: the debtor who obtains the money, goods or services in exchange of his promise to pay at a future date

Which platonic graph is Bipartite?

A cube is bipartite platonic graph. You can represent it as platonic by drawing one square inside another and connecting respective edges. Start from any vertex, name it A, color it black. Color the adjacent vertices red and name them B, C, D. Take one of the red vertices (i,e, B, C, D)and all adjacent vertices should be black... and so on. You will be able to get cube with no edges between two vertices of same color. This shows it should be bipartite as well as we used only two color to represent graph. Furthermore, put vertices of black and red color in two partitions and connect them with same edges as in the previous graph. Since, there is no edge between two vertices of same color this is bipartite graph as required.

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