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Q: What is birth numbers?
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What lead the birth of the nucleus?

The thing that led the birth of the nucleus was The atomic numbers.

List of birth control?

See the link in related links. It has a list of birth control with the general effectiveness of each. Keep in mind, the numbers listed are not the numbers for perfect use, they are the numbers for practical use.

Do social security numbers indicate year of birth?

I know they indicate place of birth.

Are social sercurity numbers on birth certificates?


What can be your date of birth?

you date of birth can be anything to do with numbers days and months for E.G; 18th January 2001 or in numbers 18/01/2001 or 18/1/01

What are Nina's birth numbers in house of Anubis?

june 7th

In numerology what is the meaning of the numbers?

Is this number a date of Birth or name Number?

I need some lucky Powerball number?

People get their lucky numbers fro a number of sources- birth dates, anniversaries, and personal lucky numbers.

What is an adult peacocks weight at birth?

There is no such thing as an adult peacock having a weight at birth. If you mean a baby peacock at birth it ranges from many different types of numbers. Hope this helps:)

How are they assigned number's in The Giver book?

They are assigned numbers based on the order of their birth.

How many numbers do chihuahua give birth?

Chihuahuas give birth in the same number as a regular dog, because the puppies are really small.

How long from birth can a birth certificate be filed?

I think it varies from Country and States, Link attached has some procedures and contact numbers with whom you can clarify.

Relationship between birth rate death rate and growth rate?

the birth rate is the rate of birth in a population, the death rate is the number of deaths in a population and the growth rate is the growing numbers of the population.

Cow birth ratio and death ratio in India?

Those are numbers which are impossible to obtain.

Can you legally have 2 social security numbers?

No, you cannot. If somehow you have two numbers in your name, go to the local SS office and get that corrected. Bring a birth certificate.

What are the lucky lotto numbers for each sun sign?

Everyday there are new lotto numbers for each sun sign. To find the newest numbers check the horoscope in your local newspaper or online. Many people like to use birth dates for lucky lotto numbers.

Can you get a birth certificate even if you do not have your birth name?

No. You should have a birth name registered when you are born with which you would be provided with a birth certificate. You could also do late registrations. You have to contact the Vital Statistics Office of your state which can help you out. Link provided has procedures and contact numbers which can help you out.

What factor affects population numbers?

Population numbers can be affected by many different factors. Such as, birth rate, death rate, infant mortality rate, diseases, and people killing rate.

Where do you find moses's birth mother in the bible?

You can find it at Exodus 6:20 and at Numbers 26:59. her name was Jochebed.

How do you write your date of birth in roman numerals?

That depends what your date of birth is, you can simply represent the month with a number so that, for example a date of birth like 12th October 1539 could be written as 12-10-1539 and these numbers could be represented by the Roman numerals XII.X.MDXXXIX

What does negative 1 mean when you are 90 percent effaced and 4 centimeters?

== == "Negative 1" refers to the position of the baby's head in relation to your cervix. Negative numbers imply that the baby's head is still floating above the cervix. Zero position means the baby's head is engaged. Positive numbers means the baby's head has begun its descent through the cervix and into the birth canal. The higher the negative numbers, the higher up in your uterus the baby is located (ex., - 3 is higher up than - 2). The higher the positive numbers, the lower into the birth canal the baby is located (ex., +3 is lower -- closer to birth -- than +1).

What is the advantage to using per capita birth and death rates rather then just the raw numbers of births and deaths?

To get a better estimate.

Why are dolphins reducing in numbers?

Hunting is more frequent than dolphins giving birth, so there's going to be a decrease in their population.

How can i receive a copy of my daughters birth certificate is she wan not born in Texas?

Contact the health department in the state where she was born. If you can't find the number, the local DMV keeps contact numbers for all states in reference to birth certificates.

Does dmv interstate compact track drivers by license number only?

Drivers license numbers correspond to an individual's name and date of birth.