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"Blue Balls" is the pain a male human being allegedly gets in his groin when he is very close to ejaculating but the stimulation stops before he ejaculates. However, blue balls is simply a myth that some males use to receive sexual favors from gullible/compassionate females. Most men/boys, if not all, seem to live their entire lives without experiencing this "phenomenon." Indeed, some even enjoy being repeatedly brought to the verge of orgasm without release.

-Sorry to burst your bubble, but "blue balls" happen to be a real issue for some men. I speak from personal experience; the first being when I was 19. I am 31 now, married & faithful going on 4 years-so I am obviously not using it as an excuse to convince my wife to sleep with me! FYI, I still have the problem of blue balls once in a great while; not often, but I wanted to clear up this "myth" answer previously offered. It is a sensation which is hard to describe, but it is indeed painful nonetheless. I have experienced this "phenomenon" around 7 or 8 times in my life, and 2 of those have been recent. Even if it may be a ploy used for sex by a lot of teen boys/men, regardless, it is a real (and temporary) condition which goes away within a couple hours, with or without sexual release. I hope this clears up any misconceptions people may have with this elusive subject.

~To add on to the correction above me. Blue balls has a scientific name: vascocongestion.

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Q: What is blue balls?
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