What is bulky product?

Updated: 9/20/2023
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Q: What is bulky product?
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What is the difference between stool and feces?

stool = bulky mass evacuated with bowel movement feces = waste product

Why you have selected washing detergent as your product?

because detergent powder is less expensive, cheap .. less bulky and frequently purchased by the customers

How is the word bulky used in a sentence?

I struggled along with that bulky package to the best of my abilities. That's a bulky sweater!

Does bulky pancreas recover?

bulky pancreas can cureble with medices

How do you put bulky in a sentence?

My backpack is bulky from all the binders I have to put in it.

Which is the bulky fuel to transport?

Biomass is the bulky fuel to transport

A sentence with the word bulky?

The patient has a bulky bilateral axillary adenopathy

Is hardside luggage bulky?

Hardside luggage is bulky and expensive to import

What is the warning sign of suicide bomber?

Bulky vest on a warm day.

What other words can be used to descrive bulky?

A describing word for bulky is "Fat".

How do you get big and bulky?

You eat big and bulky food. I recommend a polar bear.

What is An encumbrance can be?