What is carcass measurements?

Updated: 9/18/2023
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is to measure the depth ,and length of carcass

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Q: What is carcass measurements?
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Can you use carcass in a question?

Yes you can. Where is the carcass? How long will a carcass last with vultures around? Does a carcass smell bad in the heat of the African sun?

What makes a dead body a carcass?

The definition of the word carcass. Carcass means dead body.

Where can one find information about Carcass?

Information about carcass can be found at BIXS Carcass Information, Department of Animal Science, Niche Carcass Information and Red Meat Market Information.

What is a sentence using carcass?

The carcass of a cow lay in the road.

What is carcass of furnitures?

A carcass is the outer frame of wardrobes or cabinets, some carpenters call a wooden building with out a roof on a carcass.

What is the difference between a beef carcass and a lamb carcass?

A beef carcass is a dead cow; a lamb carcass is a young sheep that is also dead. A dead young cow would be veal.

When was Best of Carcass created?

Best of Carcass was created in 1997-02.

What is the plural form of carcass?

The plural form for the noun carcass is carcasses.

What is the name of a dead animal?

the dead body of an animal is called 'CARCASS'

How do you use carcass in a sentence?

The bear's jaws crunched hungrily on the deer's carcass.

What is slaughter weight and non carcass components?

Slaughter poultry Carcass yield

When was Welcome to Carcass Cuntry created?

Welcome to Carcass Cuntry was created in 2004-09.