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Among the units of measure, "cc" is the abbreviation for cubic centimeter.

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Q: What is cc unit of measure?
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Related questions

What does the unit of measure cc mean?

The unit of measurement "cc" stands for cubic centimeter. It is used to measure volume or area.

What does cc mean in the metric unit?

CC stands for cubic centimeters, a measure of volume.

How many ml equal 950 cc?

A cc is a unit of measure that is the same an a milliliter, or ml. 950cc is the same as 950ml.

What is the unit of measure for displacement?

the unit of measuring for displacement is cubic centimeter[cc]. The unit of measurement for displacement is the meters.

How many milliliter are there in 1.35 cc?

A cc is the same thing as a milliliter(ml). It is just a different unit of measure, but the same thing, so 1.35 cc is = 1.35ml.

What is cc in medical measurement?

The volume measurement unit cc (cubic centimeter) is usually replaced by the liquid volume measure unit ml(milliliter).

What is the unit of measure for liter called?

It is called the litre, it weighs 1Kg and has 1,000 cc.

What metric unit is used to measure the volume of juice in a small paper cup?


Is density a measure of unit?

weight/volume like g/cc,Kg/l

What is the metric unit of measurement is used to measure volume?

Cubic Centimeters (cc) or milliliters (mL)/liters (L)

What is 30 CC'S?

A cc is a unit used to measure liquids. 1 cc is equal to 1 mL. So 30 cc's would be equal to 30 mL. That is just over 2 tablespoons of liquid.

What is the basic unit of liquid measure?

ounces is one of them, so it cc or ml if you use the metric system.

What would be a reasonable metric unit to use to measure a dose of cough syrup?

The cubic centimeter, or cc

What measuring unit would you use to measure a few drops of rain?


70 cc equals how many g?

Both are abrreviations of units of measure. A gram (g) is a measure for a unit of mass. A cubic centimeter (cc) is measure of volume. Since they do not measure the same units then they never equal each other.Density is the relationship between the two measures. For example, one cc of water has a mass of one gram.

How many cc's in a kilowatt?

A "cc" is a cubic centimeter and is a measure of volume. A watt is a measure of power (energy per unit time) and represents 1 Joule of energy per second. A kilowatt is 1000 watts. In short, there are no cc's in a kilowatt.

How may unit are in a cc?

"cc" is cubic centimeter, or cm3 It is a unit of volume.

Are mm the same as cc?

No. A mm is a unit of length and cc is a unit of volume. A ml is the same as a cc. A thousand cc is a liter and a thousand milliliters is a liter thus a ml = a cc.

How many cc's are in a pound?

CC is unit of volume and lb is unit of weight. These two cannot be compared.

How many 10mg are in cc?

The units are incompatible, mg measure mass and cc measure volume.

How do you convert cc into cm?

impossible. cc (cubic centimeter, or cm3) is volume unit and cm is length unit.

How much is liquid 550 cc?

In what measure unit should your question be answered: cubic inches, ounces, pints, quarts, tablespoons?

What unit of metric measurement is used to measure two drops of medicine?

The cc or the "mil"; that is the cubic centimetre or the millilitre. They are equal measures.

What unit of measurement is the same size as a cubic centimeter?

mL=cca milliliter is the same measurement as a cubic centimeter.Liters measure volume and centimeters measure dimensions.

What unit of measure is a liter?

A litre is a measure of volume that is 10 centimetres cubed or 1,000 cubic centimetre ( cc ). It is 1,000 mllilitres. A litre of water is 1 Kilogram, or 1,000 grams

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