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They are: kilometer, meter, centimeter and millimeter

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Q: What is centimeter kilometer meter and millimeter from greatest to least?
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What are these from least to greatest millimeter kilometer meter centimeter?

Millimeter (mm)---- is the smallest. Centimeter (cm ) Meter (m) Kilometer (km) ---- is the largest There are 10 millimeters in a centimeter. There are 100 centimeters is a meter. There are 1000 meters in a kilometer. THEREFORE there are 1000 millimeters in a meter.

What is least to greatest centimeter millimeter kilometer meter?

Milimetre (mm) Centimetre (cm) Metre (m) Kilometre (km)

What is the order of these metric units from smallest to greatest meter millimeter kilometer decimeter centimeter dekameter hectometer?

millimeter (.001m), decimeter (.01m), centimeter(.1m), meter (1m), dekameter (10m), hectometer (100m), kilometer (1000m)millimeter (milli = 1/1000)centimeter (centi = 1/100)decimeter (deci = 1/10)meter (no prefix = 1)dekameter (deka = 10)hectometer (hecto = 100)kilometer (kilo = 1000)

What is the order from least greatest inch centimeter yard kilometer mile?

centimeter, inch, yard, kilometer, mile.

What is the order of these from least to greatest centimeter millimeter meter?

mm, cm, m

How big is a meter centimeter and millimeter?

1 meter = 100 centimeters = 1000 millimiter1 centimeter = 10 millimeterfrom greatest to least:1 meter , 1 centimeter, 1 millimeter

Put at least 5 units of metric measurement in order?

From smallest to biggest: Kilometer, hectometer, dekameter, meter, decimeter, centimeter, millimeter.

Can you tell which is greater kilometer or millimeter?

The prefix kilo- means one thousand: 1000 The prefix milli- means one thousandth: 1/1000 = 0.001 1000 > 0.001 → kilo- > milli- → kilometer is greater than millimeter.

What are these from least to greatest centimeter foot meter kilometer lightyear?

From shortest to longest, these are arranged:centimetre (1 centimetre)inch (2.54 centimetres)foot (30.48 centimetres)yard (91.44 centimetres)metre (100 centimetres)hectometre (10000 centimetres)kilometre (100000 centimetres)mile (160934.4 centimetres)

Which is great 6 kilometer 60 meters 600 centimeter 6000 millimeter?

6 kilometers is the greatest.But arranging from greatest to least:6km, 60m, 600 cm or 6000mm60 meters = 60 meters * 1km/1000 meters = 0.06 km600 centimeters = 600 cm * 1m/100cm * 1km/1000m = 0.006 km6000 millimeters = 6000mm * 1m/1000mm * 1km/1000m = 0.006kmthus arranging from greatest to least:6km, 60m, 600 cm or 6000mm

What is Metre millimetre centimeter decimetre in order?

Least to greatest: mm, cm, dm, m

What is the order from least to greatest for the following measurements yard mile meter foot hectometer inch centimeter?

Centimeter, inch, foot, yard, meter, hectometer, mile. This is annoying because they are not easily compared, because the meter is not in terms of feet nor is the inch in terms of centimeters etc...