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Centimeters cubed is used to measure the volume of a cube or box.

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Q: What is centimeters cubed used to measure?
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Is centimeters or centimeters cubed bigger?

You are mixing 'apples and oranges' here. Centimeters is a measure of length. Cubed centimeters are used to measure volume. There is no direct size comparison between the two.

What is a technique used to measure volume?

Meters cubed, centimeters cubed, liters, and milliliters

1 centimeters cubed equals how many centimeters?

There is no sensible answer to this question. A cm cubed is a measure of volume and that cannot be converted to a linear measure, a cm.

What units can be used to measure volume?

cc or liters (1000 cc)gallons pintsMilliliters (mL)Centimeters cubed (cm^3)Liters (L)Meters cubed (m^3)

How are centimeters and milliliters related?

Centimeters cubed (cm^3) and milliliters (mL) are related because both are used to measure volume. Cm^3 are used to measure the volume of regular solids, and mL are used to find the volume of non-regular objects.

What is measure of volume?

Centimeters cubed or cubic inches are both measurements of volume.

Volume of a cube measure 2centimeters x 2 centimeters?

8cm cubed

How many cubed centimeters are in a millileter?

1 cubed centimeter is equal to 1 mililiter. The only difference is that milliliters are typically used for liquids and cubed centimeters are more often used for solids.

What unit can you measure volume in?

Several examples include meters cubed, m3, centimeters cubed, cm3, liters, L, and milliliters, mL.

What do you use to measure volume if units are in centimeters cubed?

Cubic centimeters would be most appropriate for volume

What is the mass of an object its density is 5 grams centimeters cubed and the volume is 10 centimeters cubed grams to centimeters cubed converter grams to centimeters cubed conversion?

mass = density x volume Mass = 5 grams per centimeter cubed x 10 centimeters cubed = 50 grams

Can you measure items in meters?

a volume can be measured in meters cubed (m3), centimeters cubed (cm3) or other measurings. A room's volume would probably be measured in meters cubed.