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220 volt will use less energy.

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Q: What is cheaper to operate 120v motor or 220v same horsepower?
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How do you rewire a 120V or 240V motor running on 220V volts back to 120V?

If it is a six wire motor go to

How do you wire 240V to 120V?

What specifically are you wiring? A light bulb would operate dim, a motor will burn up. The current increases thereby requiring larger wire and current protection.

How much current will a 5 hp 1 phase 120V motor pull?

The largest 120V motor generally available is 3hp. A 3hp, 120V motor draws about 30 amperes. All true 5hp motors I have seen are 230V or higher. Note that some motors, such as compressors and vacuum cleaners, use artificially high hp numbers to entice you to buy their unit (they will use terms like peak-developed hp, etc.). These ratings are not true hp, and you just have to go by the nameplate rating on the unit. For instance, I have a Sanborn Air Compressor that claims 4 PEAK horsepower, yet only draws 17 amperes at 120V. Its really closer to a 2hp motor.

Can you use 110 volt to run 220 motor?

A 220v motor uses two 120v legs. But for your question, no, because it needs another 120v wire to run.

What makes a 480 motor with up down and stop 120v switch work?

I think I understand what you are asking. 3-phase motors usually are equipped with a starter or contactor, since all 3 hot wires need to be switched. The control voltage that runs the starters is 120V, because it's safer and also 120V switches and relays are cheaper. You would have a 480-120V transformer (called a control transformer) in the starter box to provide the 120V "control voltage". So the arrangement you describe would have two contactors, with two phases reversed between them. Energize one, and the motor runs forward. Energize the other, and it runs reverse. The switch sends 120V to each of the contactors, which are equipped with 120V coils.

What will happen when the shunt motor is connected across the supply line directly?

If the motor is designed for 120V or 220V whatever the case, it will function properly.If it is a 12V motor and you supply 120V it will make a mess and you will probably get hurt from flying debris!

Can you operate a 120V 60 hertz tv on 120V 50 hertz?

no because the tv can only pick up siginals at 60Hz if the signal is 50 Hz it won't pic it up.

Where can you find a 120V electric power cable?

One can find a 120V electric power cable in stores such as Lowe's or Home Depot. It can also be purchased online through the store websites or through sites like rakuten for a cheaper price.

Is a 120V 10000 BTU air conditioner cheaper to operate than a 240V 10000 BTU?

The way to answer this question is convert all factors to power. Voltage, current, watts, horsepower, BTUs. I will save you some time. They cost the same to operate. One thing to remember in your career, watts = watts no matter what(watt)...pkazsr You already have the answer. 10,000 btu/hr is 10,000 btu/hr, or the equivalent number of watts either way. There may be some minor difference because the higher voltage unit will pull half the amps to deliver the same power.

Will a 120V 60Hz 275W operate properly with 12V DC 1000mA electrical supply?

No this will not work you will draw approx. 2.291 amps@275w that is approx.2291 mA

The Norelco Reflex Plus 7310XL says it's dual voltage...What does that mean...Does it work overseas?

Dual voltage means it will operate safely with either 110/120V or 220/240V and all you need to operate it overseas is an electric adapter plug.

A kettle is connected to a 120v outlet with a resistance of 9.6 ohms what is the current required to operate the kettle?

The formula you are looking for is V = IR where V = Voltage I = Current R = Resistance With some formula manipulation and numbers plugged in you get I = 120V / 9.6Ω I = 12.5A The kettle would have 12.5 volts of current running through it.