What is chunking in maths?

Updated: 12/12/2022
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Chunking is a method used to teach the arithmetic operation of division by teachers who are not able to get those they teach to understand place value or who do not understand place value themselves.

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Q: What is chunking in maths?
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184 divided by 4 using chunking method = 46

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Chunking is a mental strategy used in maths to make certain kinds of problems easier. Instead of adding 76 +34 ------- Let's see, 6 + 4 is ten, so write the zero down, then carry the one, then 7+3 is ten, but add the one that's 11, so write down 1, and then carry the one, and then write down the one. You get the correct answer, 110, but there is a simpler way to do it. Think 70+30 = 100 ; 6+4 = 10 ; 100+10 = 110 It also works with subtraction 110 -97 ----- Think 100 - 90 leaves 10 10-7 leaves 3 add what is left: 10+3=13

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