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cm-1 or "per cm"

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Q: What is cm divided by cm squared?
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200 cm x 75 cm = 15,000 cm squared (10 cm) squared = 100 cm squared 15,000 divided by 100 = 150 tiles Get extra for breakage.

What is 0.25m squared in cm squared?

2500 cm squared

How many cm squared are in 1 inch squared?

6.4516 cm squared

How many centimeters is 750 centimeters squared?

750 cm squared can have many answers like : 125 cm * 6 cm =750 cm squared 75 cm * 10 cm = 750 cm squared 25 cm * 30 cm = 750 cm squared 5 cm * 150 cm = 750 cm squared the answers are infanite try to be more spasific ....

What is the area of a trapezoid with one base 7 cm, another base 5 cm, and a height of 6 cm?

18 squared cm72 squared cm36 squared cm42 squared cm

What is the radius of a 64cm squared circle?

The radius will turn out to be the square root of the area divided by pi which in this case is about 4.51351666838205 cm

How do you convert inches to centimeters squared?

you cannot go from inches to centimeters squared. one inch = 2.54 cm you can go from inches squared to centimeters squared; in that case one inch square = (2.54 squared) cm = 6.45 cm squared

Why does 1m squared not convert to 100cm squared?

It does. But 100 cm squared - ie a square with each side of 100 cm has an area of (100 cm)2 = 100 cm * 100 cm, which is 10,000 square cm. This is quite a common confusion caused by the use of measures of area in the form cm squared and square cm. Incidentally, this has absolutely nothing to do with metric or Imperial measures.

What is 10 cm squared?

10 cm squared is 100 square centimeters.

How many meters squared are in a 24cm squared?

24 cm squared = 24 cm * 24 cm = 576 cm2 = 576/10000 m2 or 0.0576 m2

What is the formula of the area and perimeter of a right triangle?

The Formula for area of any triangle (including right) is: Base x height divided by 2 for example: the base of my triangle is 10 cm and the height of my triangle is 5 cm 10 x 5 divided by 2 = 25 cm squared

Why is 1000cm squared equals 1m squared?

1000 cm squared is 1000 cm x 1000 cm = 1,000,000 cm2 1 meter is 100 cm 1 meter squared is 100 cm x 100 cm = 10,000 cm2 The two are not equal

How do you convert meters squared into cm squared?

multiply the value in cm square by 10000

What is 57583 cm squared to m squared?

5.7583 meters squared.

What is the cross sectional area of a tube with an outer diameter is 3.42 cm and an inner diameter of 2.4 cm?

take the difference of areas of the outer and inner diametersA = pi x (3.42 squared - 2.4 squared) divided by 4pi = 3.14A = 4.66 sq cm3.77 cm

How do you convert squared centimeters into regular centimeters?

Converting squared cm into regular cm does not make sense, one is an area and the other a linear length. But if you are referring to squared cm as an area and would like to find the side of a square which would enclose such area, then you can take the square root of the squared cm to get cm

How do you convert squared meters to cm?

As squared meters are two-dimensional and cm are one- dimensional it is not possible. If you meant cm squared then: 1 Meter squared = 10000 Centimeter squared. Using this you can use simple multiplication to convert.

What is the difference between 25 cm squared and 25 squared cm?

None because they are both describing the same thing in square cm

What is 58.2 cm by 83.7 cm?

4871.34 cm squared

What is 30 cm square in feet?

30 cm squared equates to approximately 0.0334 feet squared.

How many squared cm in a squared meter?


how do you symplify 3a squared divided by 3a squared?


How many cm squared are in a centimeter cubed?

As a cm squared has no depth, there are 0 cm squared in a cm cubed. Alternatively, it can be considered that a 2 dimension thing has an infinite third dimension, so there are infinitely many cm squared in a cm cubed. To put it another way, the question as asked is nonsense. cm squared are a measure of area - a thing that has only two dimensions, NO THIRD dimension cm cubed are a measure of volume - a thing that has THREE dimensions.

What is 50 grams divided by 10 cm squared?


Convert cm squared to m squared?

Since squared centimeters is cm^2 then instead of converting it normally from centimeters to meters you would multiply it by 2.