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The critical radius of insulation is a counterintuitive concept within the study of heat transfer.

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Q: What is critical radius of insulation?
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Derive critical thickness of insulation?

critical thikness of insulation of sphere

What is the physical basis for existence of a critical insulation radius?

The general thinking is that with the increase in thickness of insulation around the system(say a pipe) the heat loss will always reduce.This is true only up to a certain radius of the insulation called the critical insulation radius.After this radius any increase in the thickness would in fact increase the heat loss.This happens because there are two phenomena taking place here viz. conduction and convection.Conductive resistance is dx/k i.e. thickness/conductivity with increase in thickness the conductive resistance increases hence heat loss decreases.Convective resistance is 1/hA,now beyond the critical radius the increase in conductive resistance is offset by the reduction in convective resistance.This is because with increasing radius one has also achieved a greater heat transfer area as A=2*pi*r*l.

What is the definition of 'critical thickness'?

The thickness at which insulation begins to decrease heat loss is described as Critical Thickness

Does the insulation of wires affect its quality?

yes and no The problem is that the Word "Wire" refers to the both the metal core and the Wire as a conductor and insulation package. Another problem is what you mean by "quality". What definition are you using? The insulation is critical to determining the use and safety of a wire. The resistance of the metal wire is not affected by the insulation, but its ability to dissipate heat while carrying high current is.

How degree of under cooling affect the critical size of nucleus in case of homogeneous nucleation?

In general, the greater the degree of undercooling of a liquid melt, the smaller the critical radius of the nuclei formed.

What is refractory insulation?

Refractory insulation is defined as insulation for extremely high temperatures. The threshold of temperature of insulation for refractory insulation is > 815 Celsius.

Is the critical velocity equal to orbital velocity of satellite?

Balance of force of gravity by centripetal forceYes, for any given orbital radius (r) only one velocity will give stable orbit, this is called the critical velocity.Pick your orbital radius and satellite mass (m)Use Gmm / r2 to calculate gravitational force (f),then find velocity from : v = sq root ( (r * f ) / m)

What are five types of insulators?

Question should be clear For Thermal insulation,Electrical insulation,energy insulation vision insulation.

What is floor insulation?

insulation for the floor...

Why is server room critical?

A server room is an area set aside specifically to house the business' servers where all the information is accessed. It requires insulation and air conditioning so that the servers are not damaged by the environment.

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How does insulation change with increasing latitude?

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