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BCD is a decimal number. BCD is one specific way to store decimal numbers in computer memory.

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Write an algorithm that converts a decimal number to Binary Coded Decimal BCD representation?

an algorithm that converts a decimal number to Binary Coded Decimal (BCD) representation.

What is the difference between binary and BCD code?

In BCD each digit of a decimal number is coded as a separate 4 bit binary number between 0 and 9.For example:Decimal 12 in BCD is shown as 0001 0010 (Binary 1 and Binary 2), in Binary it is 1100.

What is the BCD representation of the decimal number 41 in 6-bit?

41 in decimal is 0100 0001 in BCD (this is 8 bits not 6 bits)41 in decimal is 101001 in binary (this is 6 bits, but binary not BCD)There is no 6 bit BCD representation of the decimal number 41!

The BCD value for the decimal number 82 is?


How do you convert BCD to decimal?

explain decimal to BCD encoder

BCD to decimal decoder?

operation of bcd- decimal decoder

What does BCD mean in computing terms?

In computing terms, BCD means binary-coded decimal. It is a class of a binary encodings of decimal numbers. Each decimal number is resresented by a fixed number of bits.

How do you explain Decimal to BCD encoder?

explain decimal to BCD encoder

What is a 4 BCD code?

A 4 BCD code is a 4 decimal-digit BCD code, thus a 16 digit binary-code. You take the decimal number 3545. It's BCD code is 0011 0101 0100 0101 where every 4 bits represent a decimal digit.

10 in BCD code is representd as?

The decimal number 10, represented in BCD is 0001 0000. If, instead, you mean that you have 10 in BCD and want to know what that means, that is equivalent to 0000 0010 and would be 2 in decimal.

What is the difference between a BCD to decimal decoder and a BCD to 7-segment decoder?

A: A BCD code must be decoded to provide a seven digit output to the 7 bars display that is the only way to see the binary number visually.

What is the BCD equivalent for a decimal number 163?

It is 0001 0110 0011.

What is the Largest decimal number that can be represented using 16 bits in BCD?


How you can design a bcd to excess 3 code converter with a bcd to decimal decoder and four or gates?

we converter BCD to EXCeSS-3 is first rule 2 4 2 1 and other third number of BCD add other BCd as 0 to 15 Type your answer here...

Why can't 1111 be used in a BCD number?

1111 can't be used for Binary Coded Decimal (BCD) because 1111=15 which is made of 2 digits 1 and 5. In BCD a 4-digit binary number is used for every decimal digit. ex. 1111 is incorrect 1 = 0001 5 = 0101 Answer: 0001 0101

What is the use of 7448 IC?

The 7448 integrated circuit is a BCD to 7-segment display decoder. In other words a BCD, or binary coded decimal (such as 0101), is sent to the IC via 4 input ports. The IC then translates this into another value, which is then sent to a 7-segment number display which then displays the decimal value of the BCD. If you sent the BCD 1001 to the IC, it would then send out a signal to the 7-segment display which would then show the number 9, which is the decimal value of 1001.

What is decimal equivalent of BCD 11011.1100?


Why is BCD used in computers?

BCD is used for binary output on devices that only display decimal numbers.

How do you convert binary number to bcd number on paper?

Example Binary 00111000 Convert to Decimal 56 Convert to BCD by using groups of four binary numbers for each digit 5 6 0101 0110

What is the decimal number 42689627 in BCD?

0100 0010 0110 1000 1001 0110 0010 0111bcd = 4268962710

What is the full form of BCD?

Binery Coded Decimal

What is the BCD equivalent for a decimal number 325?

Decimal: 3 2 5 Binary: 0011 0010 0101 so 325 = 0011 0010 0101

What is the main advantage of binary coded decimal?

Binary coded decimal (BCD) is easier to convert between displayed or printed form than is pure binary.

Design a excess-3-to-bcd code converter with a BCD-to-decimal decoder circuit diagram?

Design a BCD to Excess-5 code coverter

What do the letters BCD mean after a name?

binary-coded decimal