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Q: What is defined as the potential for damage to national security combined with the probability of occurrence and a measurement of the consequences should it remain unaddressed?
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What is the difference between risk and exposure?

An exposure consist of the potential financial effect of an event multiplied by its probability of occurrence and risk is with probability of occurrence. Thus an exposure is a risk times its financial consequences.

Probability of occurrance vs probibility on not occurring?

(Probability of occurrence) = 1 - (probability of non-occurrence)

What is the probability of a deck of cards?

The probability of the occurrence of a deck of cards is 1.

What do yoy mean by probability?

Likelihood of occurrence.

If probability of occurrence of event A is p and that of occurrence of event B is q then what is probability that both the events do not occur?

The answer depends on whether A and B can occur together, that is, if they are mutually exclusive.

A probability distribution is an equation that?

Associates a particulare probability of occurrence with each outcome in the sample space.

What is a listing of all possible outcomes of an experiment and their corresponding probability of occurrence is called?

It is the probability distribution.

When do you use poisson probability?

When you have independent events which have a constant probability of occurrence over an interval of space or time.

What is a group of happenings that does not affect the probability of the occurrence of the others?


How strong are isolated thunderstorms?

Isolated refers to probability of occurrence, not to strength. It means there is a 20% or less chance of occurrence.

What does probability show us?

It shows us the likelihood of the occurrence of specified events.

Which two factors determine the risk level?

Probability of the occurrence and severity of the event.