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Velocity or speed. It means the car travels an average of 100km every hour. It equates to 62.14 miles per hour.

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Q: What is described if a car is moving 100 kilometers per hour?
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A car moving 100 kilometers per hour move how many kilometers per second?

1 hour = 3,600 seconds 100 km/hr = (100 / 3,600) = 0.027777 km/sec = 27 and 7/9ths meters per second.

Which is faster 100 kilometers per hour or 55 miles per hour?

Suggestion: Convert miles to kilometers, then it should be easy to compare. One mile is about 1.6 kilometers.

How fast is 100 kilometers an hour?

100 kph = about 62.14 mph

How many miles per hour is 100 kilometers an hour?

About 62 miles.

What is faster 60 miles per hour or 100 kilometers per hour?

100 kilometres/ hour = 62.5 mph so 100 kilometres/ hour would be faster

What is the acceleration of a vehicle that changes its speed from 100 kilometers per hour to 0 kilometers per hour in 10 seconds?


If you traveled 200 kilometers in 2 hours what would your speed be?

100 kilometers per hour or 124 miles per hour

How many miles per hour is in 100 kilometers per hour?

62.14 mph

How long would it take to drive 200 km if you are driving 100 km per hour?

2 hours. 100 kph stands for kilometers per hour, so in one hour the vehicle would have travelled 100 kilometers. It would take an additional hour at that same speed to reach 200 kilometers.

How can the speed limit in Canada be 105?

Canada uses kilometers per hour not miles per hour. 100 kilometers per hour is approximately 60 miles per hour.

Is mile per hour greater than or less than kilometers per hour?

1 mile = 1.609344 kilometer 100 miles per hour = 160.93 kilometers per hour 1,000 miles per hour = 1,609.3 kilometers per hour

How long will it take you to travel 503 kilometers at 100 kilometers per hour?

5.03 hours.