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Basically, design in modular form means designing a whole product (see program or software piece) based on modules (functions, classes, and a like). The advantages would be a flexible structure, easy to maintain, debug, upgrade and also customize with respect to changing customer requirememnts.

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Q: What is design in modular form and its advantages?
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What are the specifications of a modular design?

A modular design is a design approach where a product or system is divided into smaller, self-contained modules that can be independently created, modified, or replaced. These modules have well-defined interfaces that allow for easy integration and interoperability. This design allows for flexibility, scalability, and easier maintenance and troubleshooting.

advantages and disadvantages of modular ups?


What is the architectural design of a modular building?

Virtually any architectural design can be made modular. Colonial, Victorian, Contemporary, Georgian, Tudor and almost any other style imaginable can be produced in a modular fashion.

kitchen design?

Get Customized Modular kitchen based on your needs and preference, choose any from 8+ Modular kitchen ideas.

Is language a modular process?

Given the definition of a 'modular process' - Units of standardized size, design, construction, etc. that can be arranged or fitted together in a variety of ways - it is safe to assume Language is NOT a modular process.

What are three advantages of modular office use?

"Three advantages of modular office use are low cost of furniture, maximization of floor space and ease of moving. In addition, the furniture is flexible and can be configured quickly to accommodate growing organizations."

What is the modular fashion?

Modular fashion is fashion that is based on engineering concepts, breaking down the design into multiple components. Modular fashion involves a lot of layering of different fashion styles and concepts. Modular designs start with a basic first layer, and "flair" is added on to that.

Definition of modular?

Modular refers to a interior design approach that consists of the subdivision of a system in several parts. All parts of the design are created and modified separately, they can be combined or separated with the intention of giving them a totally different functionality or to be interchangeable.

What are the advantages of design?

There are various advantages of doing a design before setting out to make something. If you do a good design you will be sure it works.

What are the advantages of drawing flowchart?

List the advantages of design diagrams. List the traditional design tools.

What are two advantages of modular chassis switches over fixed chassis switches?

Two advantages of modular chassis switches over fixed chassis switches are their ease of upgrade and their flexibility. Modules can be freely swapped to increase its capacity or capabilities based on ever changing demands.

What are the best practices in web services design?

The best practices in web design are to expose system functionality, assist modular application and to understand the service and design. The goal to make a robust design and useful API.