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That's going to differ from school to school, county to county, state to state. In general though "Honors" courses will be tougher and faster paced, but generally are better if you can pass, often weighting your GPA (that is, if you get a B it will still count as a 4.0 instead of a 3.0).

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Q: What is difference between Honors Algebra and Advanced Algebra and Trigonometry?
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What is difference between algebra and advanced algebra?

Adv. is accelerated most likely.

What is the difference between algebra 1 and alebra 2?

algebra 2 is more advanced

What is the difference between pre-algebra and algebra 2?

Pre-algebra is where you just learn the basics of Algebra and Algebra two is way more advanced with new information and taking the concepts you learned in pre-algebra and algebra to the next level.

What is the difference between algebra and advance algebra?

While I am not positive of the precise definition of advanced algebra, I would assume advanced algebra refers to trigonometry and calculus principles such as derivatives and optimization. Algebra, on the other hand, simply deals with the finding of one variable Example: 5x=3x+4 or perhaps sometimes two to three variables. This is possible when given multiple equations. Example: 5x+3y+2z=7 7x+9y+4z=5 x+3y+6z=4 Algebra is also distinguished by graphing slope and occasionally logarithmic functions.

What is the difference between intermidiate algebra and advanced algebra?

intermediate algebra is like medium difficulty. advanced algebra is harder for some people. that comes down to opinion... but advanced algebra teaches a more difficult or higher level math. its kind of like learning high school math in middle school, or college math in high school.

What is the difference between simple algebra from advanced algebra?

advanced algebra is hard simple algabra is easy

What is the difference between algebra one and algebra two?

A harder version of algebra 1

What is the difference between mathematics and algebra?

Algebra is a form (or subset) of mathematics.

Is there is any difference between -algebra and operator algebra?

Only the word "operator"

What is the difference between integrated algebra and algebra 1?

Algebra 1 is a class/course that is on a higher level than Algebra.

What is the difference between algebra 1a and algebra 1b?

algebra 1a is the first part of algebra 1 and algebra 1b is the second part. :)

What is the difference between trigonometry and geometry?

Trigonometry is specificly the study of a right triangle. For example, what is the cosine? Geometry is the study on shapes.