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okay here is the difrence a cuboid is a shape that is 3D and has eight faces a cylinder however is a 3D shape but it only has 2 faces the top and the bottom face

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Q: What is difference between a cuboid and a cylinder?
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What is the difference between a cylinder and a cuboid?

A cylinder has a circular cross-section whereas a cuboid has a quadrilateral cross-section.

What is the difference between a cube and a cuboid?

A cube is a 3d square, a cuboid is a 3d rectangle.

What is the difference between a prism and a cuboid?

You can have a triangular prism but not a triangular cuboid which is a rectangular shape.

How many faces and edges does a cylinder cuboid has?

There cannot be any such object as a cylinder cuboid.

What is the difference between a cuboid and an oblong?

A cuboid is a 3-dimensional object, an oblong is 2-dimensional.

What are the differences between a rectangle and cuboid?

difference between square and cube

How many edges has a cuboid cylinder?

A cuboid cylinder is an impossible shape - just as a square circle is.

What is the What is the difference between a cuboid and a prism?

they are the same and if you have a cube and a cuboid then its different because a cube have equally sides and a cuboid has 4 rectangles and 2 squares!cuboid have vertices.

Can a cylinder never have the same volume as a cuboid?

Given a cuboid it is always possible to have a cylinder with the same volume.

What is the difference between a Cube and Cuboid?

All faces of a cube are squares. A cuboid has four or six rectangular faces.

What is the difference between a pyramid and a cuboid?

pyramid had 4triange and a sqare .they met at on pointbut cuboid ad squae and 4ect

What is the difference between a rectangle and a cuboid?

A rectangle is a 2-dimensional (plane) object while a cuboid is 3-dimensional (solid).

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