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A Method that used to be a comouter to soultion of promlems is called algorithm.

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Q: What is difference between lemma and algorithm?
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What is the difference between hypothesis and lemma?

A Hypothesis is something that you set out to test to prove or disprove. A Lemma is something that has already been proved that you use to help prove something else.

What is the difference between AES Rijndael symmetric algorithm encryption and a hash algorithm?


What is the difference between an algorithm and a computer program?

Difference between a theorem and lemma?

Theorem: A mathematical statement that is proved using rigorous mathematical reasoning. In a mathematical paper, the term theorem is often reserved for the most important results. Lemma: A minor result whose sole purpose is to help in proving a theorem. It is a stepping stone on the path to prove a theorem. The distinction is rather arbitrary since one mathematician's major is another's minor claim. Very occasionally lemmas can take on a life of their own (Zorn's lemma, Urysohn's lemma, Burnside's lemma, Sperner's lemma).

What is the difference between procedure and algorithm?

A procedure can go on forever.Where as an Algorithm, will eventually terminate and will have each step precisely defined.

Difference between greedy algorithm and dynamic programming?

the basic difference between them is that in greedy algorithm only one decision sequence is ever generated. where as in dynamic programming many decision sequences are generated.

Difference between Bresenham and midpoint circle drawing algorithm?

what is difference between mid-point and bresenhams circle algorithm what is difference between mid-point and bresenhams circle algorithm bresenhams circle algorithm results in a much more smoother circle,comparred to midpoint circle algorithm..In mid point,decision parameter depends on previous decision parameter and corresponding pixels whereas in bresenham decision parameter only depends on previous decision parameter...

What is the difference between an algorithm and flow chart WITH examples?

An algorithm is a method of solving a problem. A flow chart is a tool for visualizing algorithms.

What is the difference between advanced encryption algorithm and encryption algorithm?

People have developed many encryption algorithms. One particular encryption algorithm is the Rijndael algorithm, usually called the AES or Advanced Encryption Standard.

What are the difference between greedy algorithm and dynamic programing?

A greedy algorithm is similar to a dynamic programming algorithm, but the difference is that solutions to the subproblems do not have to be known at each stage; instead a "greedy" choice can be made of what looks best for the moment.

The next lemma is an analog of the previous lemma?

This usually means the upcoming lemma is an adaption of a previous lemma to a mathematical object related to the one in the first lemma.

What is the difference between a JPEG and a JPEG2000?

JPEG2000 is a newer version of the JPEG encoding algorithm.