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A Method that used to be a comouter to soultion of promlems is called algorithm.

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Q: What is difference between lemma and algorithm?
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What is the difference between AES Rijndael symmetric algorithm encryption and a hash algorithm?


What is the difference between hypothesis and lemma?

A Hypothesis is something that you set out to test to prove or disprove. A Lemma is something that has already been proved that you use to help prove something else.

What is the difference between algorithm and coding?

An algorithm is a statement of how a particular problem will be solved. Coding is the implementation of that algorithm in a particular language.

Difference between pseudo code and algorithm?

algorithm is a step by step process in which we can solve the problem.

Difference between Dijkstra's algorithm and Bellman-Ford's algorithm?

The only difference between two is that Bellman Ford is capable also to handle negative weights whereas Dijkstra Algorithm can only handle positives.

Difference between program and algorithm?

An algorithm defines the specific steps required to solve a problem. A computer program is the implementation of an algorithm.

What is the difference between prims and kruskal's algorithm with example?


What are the difference between flowchart and algorithm?

An algorithm is a sequence of steps which can be followed to solve a particular problem. A flowchart is one way in which to describe an algorithm.

What is the difference between an algorithm and a computer program?

algorithm is a set of rules a programmer creates to write a computer program

What is the difference between algorithm and program?

algorithm is a step by step outline or flowchart how to solve a problem. program is an implemented coding of a solution to a problem based on the algorithm.

What is the difference between procedure and algorithm?

A procedure can go on forever.Where as an Algorithm, will eventually terminate and will have each step precisely defined.

Difference between greedy algorithm and dynamic programming?

the basic difference between them is that in greedy algorithm only one decision sequence is ever generated. where as in dynamic programming many decision sequences are generated.

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