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A parallelogram in which angles are oblique and adjacent sides are of unequal length.

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Q: What is difference between rhomboid and parallelogram?
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Is a rhomboid a parallelogram?


What is the main difference between the rhomboid major and rhomboid minor muscles?

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What is a rhomboid?

A parallelogram with unequal adjacent sides

What is a parallelogram with four equal sides?

A square, a rhombus, or a rhomboid.

What is the difference of rhombus and rhomboid?

A rhombus is a two dimensional object, a rhomboid is 3 dimensional. The relation between the two is the same as that between a square and a cube.

What is a quadrilateral with diagonals that bisect each other?

The diagonals of any parallelogram (square, rhombus, rectangle, rhomboid) bisect each other. The difference is the the diagonals are equal in length for a square and rectangle, and not equal for a rhombus or rhomboid (oblique diamond).

Is it possible for a parallelogram to not be a rectangle?

Yes: it could also be a rhomboid, rhombus, or a square.

What is the difference between a rectangle and a parallelogram?

A parallelogram is slanted. A rectangle is not.

What is the difference between a trapezoid and a parallelogram?

The difference between a trapezoid and a parallelogram is very simple: A trapezoid has exactly one pair of parallel sides and a parallelogram has exactly two pairs of parallel sides.

What is the difference between a parallelogram and a trapezium?

A trapezium has one a pair of parallel lines, a parallelogram has two.

Is a four sided figure a parallelogram?

Four-sided figures are called quadrilaterals. They can be parallelograms, but do not have to be. They can be: square rhombus parallelogram quadrangle rhomboid rectangle oblong kite trapezium trapezoid

What is the difference between rectangle and parallelogram?

The difference is: 1) the rectangle has all right angles 2)a parallelogram has acute and obtuse angles but not a rectangle