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The dimensions are: The dimensions of the square are LW Length x width (srry about the last one)

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Q: What is dimensions of a square?
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Related questions

The area of a square is 25 cm square What are its linear dimensions?

Being a square, all the linear dimensions are identical, the square root of 25.

What is 1.5 square foot is in dimensions?

The dimensions of square feet is Length2 or L2

How many dimensions in a square?

There are 2 dimensions in a square, length and width, which are always the same, due to the nature of a square.

Why is it called cubed and squared?

That is because a cube has 3 dimensions, and a square has 2.That is because a cube has 3 dimensions, and a square has 2.That is because a cube has 3 dimensions, and a square has 2.That is because a cube has 3 dimensions, and a square has 2.

How many square feet is 60x60?

3,600 square feet. Multiply the two dimensions - the result is the number of square feet.

What are the dimensions of Times Square?

how big is time square

What are the dimensions of 800 sq feet?

The dimensions are square feet or [Length2]

What are the dimensions of a rectangle with an area of 196 square units?

As is, many answers are possible. If the rectangle is a square, the dimensions are 14 x 14.

What are the Room dimensions for 500 square feet?

Any dimensions you like - so long as the area remains 500 square feet !

How is a square root related to the dimensions of a square?

the length of a side of a square is the square root of the area of the square.

What are the dimensions is 20 feet x 30 feet?

The dimensions will be square feet.

What are the dimensions area of a 196 square feet?

14' square

How do you work out square area?

You multiply width x length. An example: a room's dimensions are 15 by 25. The room's dimensions in square feet are 15x25=375 square feet.

How many square feet in a qubic foot?

Square feet have dimensions L2 while cubic feet have dimensions L3 so they are not interchangeable.

What is the perimeter of 24 square ft?

To know the perimeter, you must know the dimensions (length and width). But there are many possible dimensions if you have 24 square feet.

What are the dimensions of a rectangle that has a perimeter of 56 units and 96 square units?

What are the dimensions of a rectangle that has a perimeter of 56 units and an area of 96 square units

How many dimensions does a square have?


What unit is used to measure of a shape?

A shape is either two dimensions (area) or three dimensions (volume) so the basic units of measurements are square inches, board feet, square rods, acres, square meters, or ares, for two dimensions and cubic inches, cubic meters, gallons, liters, acre-feet or bushels for 3 dimensions.

6 square feet equals how many square inches?

what are the dimensions for 6 square feet?

The area of a square is 10000 square is inches what are the dimensions of the square?

100 inches on every side.

What is the dimensions of a 5 acre square lot?

The dimensions of a square with an area of five acres are:Side lengths of 466.7 feetPerimeter of 1,867 feetDiagonal measurement of 660 feetAn area of 217,800 square feet

How do you calculate the dimensions of a square pyramid with a surface area of 350cm2?

There is not enough information to calculate the dimensions.

What are the dimensions of square that has the perimeter and the area equal in value?

The dimensions can be 4 units by 4 units

What are dimensions of a one acre square?

An acre has dimensions of L2. So an acre square is a hyper area in four-dimensional space.

How many square feet is 2x2?

Multiply the two dimensions to get the area. The calculation will give you 4 square feet.

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