What is disputing means?

Updated: 9/24/2023
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Not agreeing or questioning the conclusion.

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Q: What is disputing means?
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What were Mexico and the us disputing?

The United States and Mexico were disputing about the boarders.Mexico and the United States were disputing about the boarders.

Problems with become apparent when various parties are disputing and a key claim means something different to both parties?


What is another word that means questioning?

Soliciting, probing, challenging, investigating, examining, disputing or opposing. Depends on the context really.

What does it mean to controvert a workmen's compensation claim?

it means that the employer is disputing how the accident or injury occured and benefits may not be paid out during this time

Why girls are disputing culture?

thats what they were born to do

When someone disagrees with an idea, what is he or she doing with it?


Is there a time limit on disputing inaccurate credit information?

There is no statute of limitations in disputing information on your credit report. If it is being reported, it can be disputed. Simple enough! ;o)

What does it mean when a person impugns someone?

The term "impugns" has a very easy to understand meaning. When someone impugns someone, it means that they are calling that person into question and are disputing the truth.

Who provided evidence disputing spontaneous generation?

louis pasteur

Is it better to write a collection agency to say that you are disputing a debt of 151 or just ignore their notices?

Write to the agency and tell it you are disputing it; that they are not to call or write to you anymore on it and that if they want to pursue it they have to do so in court. You should also notify the appropriate credit agencies that you are disputing the debt not just ignoring it. Ignoring it but not disputing it looks like you are admitting its yours but you do not or can not pay it. That is bad for your credit. If you dispute a small claim, chances are the agency will consider it not to be worth going to court over and write it off.

True or False. It is the cardholders responsibility to sign forms disputing and transactions made following the loss of a card.?

True or False. It is the cardholder's responsibility to sign forms disputing and transactions made following the loss of a card.

What are good describing words for contradicting?

denying, contrasting, be at variance, challenging, debating, disputing