What is division of physics?

Updated: 9/18/2023
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I do not know what "division of physics" specifically refers to. If you are looking for the axiomatization of physics (one of Hilbert's problems), read the article below:

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Q: What is division of physics?
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What division of science is physics is belong?

What division of science is physics is belong?

Different division of physics?

what are the different division of physics

What is the division of physics?

physics is everything..................

Give the two main division of physics?

physical and biological physics

What are 7 division of physics?


What are the sub division of physics?


What are the three general division of science?

physics chemistry and biology :)

Define the major division and subdivision of physics?

Classical physics and (Quantum or modern) Physics Mechanics Thermodynamics Sound Light Optics Magnetism Electricity

What are are the main division?

Physics, Chemistry and Biology are main divisions of science.

What are the main division of science?

Physics, Chemistry and biology are main divisions of science.

What are the other divisions of physics?

The phrase "other divisions" implies that you already have some division or divisions in mind. But you have chosen not to share that information. So it is not possible to tell whether you know of just one division of physics and want a list of the rest or if you know of 20 and want the remainder. Furthermore, any division, such as mechanics, can be considered a single division of physics or it can be considered as consisting of divisions such as statics, dynamics, moments and so forth.

What are two major division and subdivision in physics?

The two major divisions in physics are classical and modern physics. The subdivisions on the other hand are mechanics, thermodynamics, acoustics and so many more.