What is double billeted?

Updated: 9/16/2023
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Q: What is double billeted?
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What is the meaning of billeted?

In military parlance, 'billeted' is the place where you are lodged, such as "I am billeted with a family in town" or "I am billeted on the fifth deck, below".

German officers were billeted in the book Where are you billeted?

they were billeted in privet houses in the areas they occupied

How were the living conditions for the british soildiers in war world II?

When in the UK, British soldiers had a better ration than civilians and better access to medical facilities. They would have been billeted in barracks. When fighting they had better living conditions than the Germans and Russians but not as well as the US forces. Like any front line fighting force they would have had to live in the open in dug-outs during fighting. But when relieved from the front would have been billeted in tents.

What did men do in World War 1 training camps?

In World War I training camps, men were taught to handle a rifle and were given their military clothing. They were taught drills and were billeted with local families.

Did Laura Secord help the British soldiers in 1812?

Oui. The Canadian heroine of the War of 1812. In 1813 she learned from U.S. troops billeted in her house at Queenston of a planned surprise attack on the British at Beaver Dams on the Niagara frontier. She made her way through the American lines and gave warning to James Fitzgibbon at Beaver Dams.

Phrase that begins with double?

Double Trouble, Double Jeopardy, Double Dutch, Double Dare

What word has double c double s and double l?

Word that has double c double s and double l: successfully.

What was a billet during war?

A billet was an assigned place to sleep on base, usually in a barracks or onboard a ship. The British commonly billeted soldiers in the homes of the colonists. Off base, they have tents if they even get to stop long enough to sleep. Mostly they just sleep in the open or any cubby hole place they can find, sadly that is usually a trench.

What 2 common words both contain double L double C and double S?

Successfully contains double L double C and double S. Unsuccessfully also contains double L double C and double S.

How many calories does a double double have?

An In-N-Out Double Double has 670 calories.

what is the shape of a DNA?

double helix

What is a double double coffee?

A double double is a term commonly used in Canada when buying coffee a Tim Hortons. A double double is two teaspoons of sugar and two cream.