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When people meet to exchange one type of good for another, they both must want what the other is offering in exchange. Let's say that I have six chickens, and you have three sacks of flour. I really need and want your three sacks of flour, but you do not have a need for six chickens. You want two chickens, and a bushel of apples. This exchange would not be successful because we do not have an equal offering of our wants and needs.

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Q: What is double coincidence of want?
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What is the problem money solves?

Money solves a lack of double coincidence of want,

How can money overcome the double coincidence of wants?

When you are saving money to buy something you want, you are trying to work really hard just to get that money to buy it with; however if you have the money but you decide not to buy that item, that it how you get over the coincidence of what you want.

Can barter take place without double coincidence of wants?


What is the difference between barter system and double coincidence of wants?

The double coincidence of wants is one of the major part of the Barter System.The two basic terms actually don't have any specific difference.

What is the shortcoming of barter system?

Short comings of barter system: 1.Lack of double coincidence of wants of exchange: Suppose a person possesses wheat and want to exchange it for rice,then he has to find a person who not only have rice but also wants wheats.But it is a rare possibility. 2. Lack of common measure of value: Even if two persons meet by coincidence who want ech others good by coincidence,the problem arises as to the prportion in hich the two goods should be exchanged. 3.Lack of divisibility 4.problem of storing wealth.

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Double coincidence of demand?

For example; the supplier of good A wants good B and the supplier of good B wants good A.

What are problems associated with barter?

A double coincidence of wants meaning both parties wish to exchange what each other needs.

What is necessary to make a trade in a barter economy?

a double coincidence of wants ability's to make what the other wants

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What conditions must exist for barter to occur?

there must be a double coincidence of wants, and the elements of the desired trade must be of equal value.

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